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This is a compendium of concert tales, memories, etc. written by those fans who had the opportunity to see Frank Zappa in concert (before he joined The Big Note). This site was given life by Sam Rouse, who is a bitchin' dude. The site is now maintained by Stu Mark (who is glad to be here). New additions are welcome - email them to Stu Mark and they'll be added to the page. Be sure to include the way you want your tale attributed (name, email, nickname, whatever).

About submitting tales by other folks - It's important to have the author's permission before we'll place their work up on this site page, and to give them the opportunity to spiff it up for the web, if so desired. So, if you find a tale on Google or wherever, written by someone else, please contact the author and point them our way. We're also happy to add links to tales found elsewhere on the web. Regardless, thanks for stopping by, and remember, Music Is The Best!

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Hi, it's me. This is a note. It's a chance for me to talk about Frank Zappa Concert Tales. These stories are, in my opinion, an important part of the legacy of Frank Zappa. I never saw him in concert, and I wish I had. To see Zappa in concert, a live show, and I do mean live, well, I'll bet that would have been a memorable concert. If you are reading this and you have a memory of seeing Frank Zappa's music, performed meticulously by a group of top flight musicians who have been schooled in its subtleties, you are a fortunate soul. And if you have any memory of that experience, of seeing Frank Zappa in concert, on stage, live, guitar in hand, well, please send me your concert tale. My address is Thanks for reading and thanks for contributing. Frank Zappa Concert Tales is important to me, and I appreciate that you would take the time to read this, especially this piece down here that I would have thought no one would have read. May Frank Zappa Concert Tales bring you peace.