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Justin Fisher

I build custom electric LEGO parts as a hobby, most of which are geared towards solar powered Mindstorms robotics. I sometimes also build parts for fellow enthusiests (feel free to contact me if you want to know more), so I'm putting these pages up to make available info that people have requested about what I've done. With luck, in future I'll be able to include info on other people's projects also.


My Mindstorms Solar Energy System
An explanation of how my system of solar parts works.

RCX modifications - How to do it yourself
Adding a solar operation mode to the Mindstorms RCX hardware, thus greatly simplifying programming, and increasing energy efficiency.

Hints, Tips, and Downloads
Some of the things I've found or made that might be useful to others.

Custom Sensors
The first Mindstorms Geiger Counter - for the geologically inclined rover.

My first Lego solar rover
This turned out to be a poor platform for robotics experimentation, but it has six-wheel drive, six-wheel steering, and six-wheel suspension, so the Lego mechanics are interesting, and there were lessons I learned.

My second Lego solar rover
A rover that solves the problems I found with the first rover, and is the first to use the solar sleep-resume mode. Still not perfect.

My third Lego solar rover
Rather than try to fix the one area of Rover 2 that I was dissatisfied with, I built a new rover using the experience gained from building the first two. And on this rover, everything works perfectly. Yeah!

NorthWest BrickCon 2005 - Solar Rover and Geiger Counters
An improved version of the third rover, a larger Mindstorms geiger counter sensor for the rover, and my experiences with these at the 2005 NorthWest BrickCon.

Other Lego
A link to some of my older stuff on brickshelf