To fellow readers of Jules Verne
Jules Verne map - Mysterious / Lincoln Island

Map of Lincoln Island - The Mysterious IslandI recently began reading Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island, (freely available as e-text), and soon found that not only was it important to have on-hand the map of the island while reading, but there did not seem to be any good maps available online in English. Even the maps printed in books are crude and barely legible prints.

Remembering another book that had a beautiful fold-out map attached to the inside the cover, I decided to try to create a similarly nice version of Verne's map, suitable for the above use as a book insert, or a wall chart, poster, or simply an image file to accompany an e-book.

Based on the original French engraving, and referencing several translations as well as Verne's original notes, this is the most detailed map of Lincoln Island that I am aware of. But more to the point, it's in English, colour, and isn't limited to an illegible page-sized print.

A downloadable jpeg version of the map is here. But while that image is fairly large, it's not print-quality (which is insanely large), so the finer text is still a bit hard to make out. Never fear, however, because the beautiful high-resolution printed version is available here, mailed right to your door. (Mini-poster sized - 11" x 17")

Either way, I hope that making this map available will add something to your experience of the book. Enjoy!

Yours most optimistically
- Justin
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"Why is the high-resolution version offered as a print, but not as a download?" I hear you ask. The full version is 85 Mb (or 6 Mb at poor jpeg quality) - I have no way to host that. In addition, I am quite curious to give cafepress a go, and to find out if anyone other than me is interested in prints of this map.

Translation note: Almost all the place-names are consistent between the various English translations of the book, thus the map works with any edition of the book. "Tadorn's Fens" seems to be the exception however, sometimes translated as "Tardorn Marsh" or "Shelduck Fen" for example.

If you have comments, you are welcome to email me at, however I don't have much time for email and so there's no guarentee of replies. My apologies.

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