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Photo; Betty Ann Robbins Greenwald

Dancin at Gi-Gis in Rhinebeck

My Keriokiee/Gong show at Alamo
My gong show kereoke

Welcome to my cheap-ass website, (a freebie)!


Is that a $5 in her crotch?

I'm The Lady Esther Gin! A 7ft four glittering gender illusionist, (and sometimes taller depending on the hair/heel combo) hostess of the radio film review, "High Heels and Movie Reels" heard on morning stations around this country and A-Broad! I rate the movies based on my shoe collection which ranges from a cheap Wallmart stolen pair of jellie flats to my favorite 9 ½ inch patten leather stilettoes!

I am also available to hostess parties, benefits, funerals and even dog shows! I was the STAR of crazy drag troupe...

Hudson Vally of the Dolls

(we broke up)

Makeup by Kabuki

Dear Lady:
I am a 44 year old hetero woman. I listen to you every time you are on 98 Rock in Baltimore Maryland.  I even emailed the studio because I could not find your website.  I was given the "correct" spelling of your name and  recently looked up your website.  I get the biggest kick out of you! You are sassy and saucy, and I personally think you are wonderful.  If I ever get to your neck of the woods, I have full intentions of attending one of your shows.
I just wanted to give you a little fan mail!  YOU GO GIRL!
And, of course, Love and sparkling kisses right back at you!
Robbin G.

My shoppe...

THE weekly party in town I hosted for years!!!
Always a good time, (like myself)!

Katie Cahill Of The Kingston Times writes in a recent article...
     On Sunday we were revving ourselves up for Monday's Independence Day events...but first, what's more flamboyant than fireworks? Drag queens. This weekend we were nearly tripping over the trail of stilettos, false eyelashes and stolen hearts that these ladies left in their wake.

It started off innocently enough: On Saturday night, international diva and woman-in-charge Lady Bunny touted all her blonde glory for adoring fans at the Hudson River Theater in Hudson; but our local girls, the Hudson Valley of the Dollz, didn't let us down either, with a Sunday night "tea dance" hosted by Dollz mama Esther Gin at the Rive Gauche bar, also in uptown Kingston. Although the dance is a weekly fête with a new deejay every Sunday, the Dollz start each new month off on the right high heel with an especially fierce Dollz show featuring Miss Gin and her lovely posse - the delectable Isis Vermouth, who will steal your heart and your man with the bat of one long-lashed eye; the enviable legs-for-days Nadia Business; and of course the divine Anita Morray, whose Bette Midler impression could put the diva herself to shame. As these local sweethearts build up their fame and adoration, they're certain to be regulars in this column.

Sunday Tea with Gin

I have performed all over the country doing my sick and twisted comedy with some fun lounge music blended in. I am the "queen of the Catskills" and perform mostly locally in the Hudson Valley. In winter cold I can be found in Latin America and love doing shows in Brasil! I’m a Rio girl at heart! I also perform with my friends band The B-52's as their fabulous go-go dancer!


This site is actually under construction, (like my face).  It will be up and running soon with all sorts of suprises, (like my face)!
I'm at


Danger zone

Le Boy is my favorite club in the universe! (make sure to check out the go-go boys)!

The neighbor's dog in autumn