Bats in Orange County, California



Big brown bats are one of the most common non-urban bats in Orange County.

Which bats are found here?

I found a bat. What do I do?

Will bats get caught in my hair?


Of sixteen species of bat known to live in Orange County, two are common in urban areas. Use the links below to find out more about these bats and where and when to find them.

Finding Bats Locally

Bat Houses

Bats in Buildings

Bats of San Diego County


Merlin Tuttle, of Bat Conservation International, took all the photographs used on this website. For more information about bats from all over the world, check out BCI's website.

Bat Conservation International (BCI)


If you want to report a local bat sighting or the location of a sick or injured bat*, please send me an email message.  If you do not live in the southern California area, click on the link for U.S. Rehabilitators.

Bat Rescue

U.S. Rehabilitators



*Never pick up a sick or injured bat. It could bite in self defense.

Find out more about some local bat species and view photographs of them at the Bat Natural History link.

Natural History

Learn ways to handle encounters with bats at the "When you find a bat..." link.

What to do when you find a bat

Strange, but UNTRUE stories about bats are on the Bat Myths link.

Myths about Bats



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