Word of Mouth Hike Reports
originally appearing in Word of Mouth Magazine

Years ago, back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth in 1998 or so, a friend of mine named Allison Gibson ("hi Ally!") was putting out a small local (to Pasadena/Altadena) magazine called "Word of Mouth."

Word of Mouth Magazine WoM covered local events, art, culture, food, music, and so forth, but Allison was still looking for writers to do articles.

Well, heck, I write - and I could even think of something to write about that would fit into the local interest theme - hiking.

So I grabbed my camera and started walking. Then I sat down at the computer and over the next three years or so banged out a dozen-odd hiking articles for the magazine before its final issue (always assuming that was the final issue - it's always so hard to tell with both Allison and "Word of Mouth...").

Now for the last few years, the articles have just been sitting on my computer, gathering electronic dust. Meanwhile, some more server-space opened up for me and - because that's what you itch to do - I started looking for ways to fill it. And I decided, why not?

I'm still trying to track down all of the articles - around half of them seem to have vanished from my drive in some fashion (they're probably on some ancient backup somewhere) - but here's at least six of them, listed by the date they were published in "Word of Mouth."


Do You Know the Way to Mt. Lowe?
first appeared in the July 1998 issue
The Fall Hike
first appeared in the November 1998 issue
The Big "I'm Avoiding The Rose Parade" Hike
first appeared in the December 1998 issue
Another Dam Hike
first appeared in the September 1999 issue
The Arroyo Run
first appeared in the May 2000 issue
Street Hiking...
first appeared in the January 2001 issue
first appeared in the June 2001 issue