Unusual Film Equipment

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Projection Optics

D150 Super Curvulon Lens
D150 Top of Lens showing logo

Super Panatar Prismatic Anamorphic Projection Attachment
Ultra Panatar Prismatic Anamorphic Projection Attachment
SuperScope Prismatic Anamorphic, a Panatar knockoff

3D Projection "Lens" In 3D!!!

Projection Lens for 70mm single strip Cinerama (2 photos)
These lenses were introduced with "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
Note the 1963 date engraved on the lens

70mm ISCO Kiptagon projection lens with adjustable magnifier (2 photos)

Ultra Panavision Projection Lens (2 views)
One Panavision anamorphic and Steinheil prime lens
Two anamorphic and prime combined

Projector Delrama for CinemaScope projection, from the Delft manual

Projector Delrama showing installation

Cameras and Camera Lenses

Ultra Panavision/Camera 65 Camera Lens from "Ben-Hur"

Front View of above, through prisms

Another View

Engraved Label showing "1.33 Anamorphosis" (sic!) Relax, I've personally tested this unit and it has a 1.25 squeeze. The engraving dates from early tests--either the prisms were changed or re-angled.

Above three images copyright Mark Gulbrandsen

100mm & 35mm CinemaScope Camera lenses from 1955

A Delrama anamorphic unit (used for photographing in Technirama)

A VistaVision Camera (35mm horizontal 8-perf) Mark Gulbrandsen

A Technirama Camera--Technirama was 8-perf horizontal like VistaVision but with a slightly squeezed image. Unbelievably, this camera is a conversion of a 3-strip Technicolor camera Mark Gulbrandsen

The Technirama Camera body visible in this picture was also once a 3-strip Technicolor camera
and served on Gone With the Wind Mark Gulbrandsen

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