CDS Specifications



* MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This is a control channel that can be interfaced with a computer to allow theater control of peripherals like curtains and lights.

** EDAC Error Detection and Correction.

For more information on CD Sound technology and equipment contact: Optical Radiation Corporation

Choose Kodak films for outstanding prints and sound. Our new EASTMAN Digital Sound Recording Film 2374 (Estar base) lets you take advantage of the new Cinema Digital Sound technology.

Now, the impact of today's digital technology comes to the movie theatre with astonishing true-to-life sound.

The CINEMA DIGITAL SOUND system consists of the Model CDP-1OOO Processor and the Model CDR-7035 Reader.

The CDR-7035 Cinema Digital Reader is installed on the projector, or penthouse of the projector, and reads the digitized sound track that has been written on the film. The Reader can perform scanning and decoding functions on both 35mm and 70mm motion picture film sizes. The signal output of the Reader is directed to the CDP-1OOO Cinema Digital Processor for processing and conversion to analog signals to drive the auditorium speakers.

Error correction circuits in the CDP-1OOO Processor automatically adjust for any imperfect travel of the film, imperfections on the film sound track and film splices. The resulting sound is free of hiss, pop, clicks, and other extraneous noise. Only the sound that was recorded and mixed by the film maker in the sound studio is delivered to the auditorium sound system.

The translated (digital-to-analog) output of the Processor is directed to the house amplifiers and speakers for the enjoyment of the most critical listener - the audience.


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