Newy! Newy! Kellogg's Puffa Puffa Rice

At long last see one of the most hilarious breakfast cereal commercials ever!

This is still based on a B&W copy (the commercial was actually in color) but this is a better transfer into the digital domain and we've ditched an older Real Player version in favor of Windows Media.

As you may already know the Hawaiians are supposed to be dumping rice and sugar cane into the volcano... which erupts sending you-know-what raining down. Other highlights include the PPR cereal box turning on a spit, the Chief rubbing his stomach in mmmm..mmmm fashion while sitting down to breakfast with the squeaky clean white boy. Oh, and of course the great wave crashing over the guy at the end. But the piece' de resistance is the jingle! Digga digga bowlful! What do you suppose they were smoking back in the 60's?

28.8K Modem Version

The Story of Puffa Puffa Rice! As told by the man who dreamed up the whole concept. (Audio + 1 frame per second stills) This is still in Real Player format. When I have time maybe I'll transfer it as normal video.

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