Texas & New Orleans (Southern Pacific) 4-6-0 #319

Displayed 1971-1999 at the Thompson Winery south of Monee, IL

(Some information from Steam Locomotive Directory of North America)

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This view was taken a number of years back.

Another view taken a few years ago. Stripped of appliances like headlight, generator, safety valves. Sold or stolen? I do not know.

This remarkable view taken inside the firebox shows where a welder wrote his name and date in steel boiler plate between staybolt heads

View looking back from cab roof over tender and passenger cars. Note the oil tank which was left behind when the engine was moved. (See below)

Pilot("Cowcatcher" to some)

Steam Dome with safety valves

Single Stage Air Compressor

1st of 3 cars behind the Ten-Wheeler was this Santa Fe Baggage/Express / Railway Post Office combine. (Shown after engine was removed)

2nd car was this Santa Fe baggage / rider coach combine

3rd car was this IC business car with open rear platform


The engine was moved in 1999 (to Georgia?). The fuel oil tank was removed and left behind. The main portion fit into the former coal compartment while another section (on the left in this view) sat astride the water compartment.

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