KEM 8-Plate Flatbed Editing Table

Important note! This unit has been scrapped as of Sept/Oct 2006

The two flickerless picture modules shown as well as all of the electronic and electro-mechanical parts have been saved. This includes the drive electronics rack with all cards, power supply, audio amplifier, wind motors, brakes, main drive motor with pulse generator, clutch/brake clusters, etc. Also saved were most of the small bits and pieces like shoes, sprockets, rollers, sound modules, plates, friction clutch (core hubs) and the user control panel as modified with the lighted feed plate cutoff buttons (mates with the electronics rack) and the electronic footage counter. These items have been saved for those who need repair parts for their own KEM's. Please contact me if you can make use of any of these items.

Soon to be melted down and become part of your next Toyota!

This is a late model 8-plate Universal with:

A Filmography for this Unit

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