Tale of the Lost IC Car

Have you seen me?

I'm a former Illinois Central private business car.
I used to transport IC executives far and wide. I'm painted chocolate and orange to match the colors of IC's pre-Amtrak passenger trains. I have an open rear platform.

For 25 or so years, I've been retired to a farm in rural Will County, Illinois, keeping company with a couple of other cars and a few steam locomotives. But several years ago I disappeared. Whoever took me left my 6-wheel trucks (wheel units) behind.

Where am I now?

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NOTE: I keep this page online as it was one of the very first pages I ever did, circa 1995, and I was just barely able to cobble some HTML together.
The car, IC Office Car #2 is no longer missing and in fact is now located only about 3 1/3 miles away. Click HERE and HERE for a couple of more recent photos.
And while the car does in fact sit on blocks the trucks are sitting nearby.