Behind the Scenes at the 2nd Overlooked Film Festival

Some tech notes
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The twelve features and 2 shorts lined up in the booth. Large diameter reels are 6000 ft. sections of features already joined from 20 minute shipping reels prior to loading on the platter for showing. The rectangular cans at left middle hold individual 70mm reels of "Oklahoma!"

Speaker array behind screen temporarily expanded to 5 channels for the Todd-AO presentation of "Oklahoma!"

Platter during testing of "Oklahoma!" That's the 2nd half of the film feeding from the middle and taking up on the top deck while the first 5 reels (the segment up to the intermission) wait on the bottom.

"Oklahoma!" feeding out in a view which makes it possible to understand how a platter can feed from the middle. The camera strobe has frozen the motion but the film is really moving at high speed.

James Bond

Steve Kraus

Steve prays to the gods of projection that the 17 year old print of "Oklahoma!" doesn't break as it flies through the projector at more than 140 feet per minute

This new soundrack and most of the components in it are part of the new permanent upgrades to the Virginia projection booth.

Close-up of the display during "Oklahoma!" as the Dolby CP-500 does what it was never designed to do: Handle 5 screen channels

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