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A big panorama of Keyes Mtn, Shedd Hill, and Chase district
from the east (200K)

Dave and Nate in 1965
on Stone Chimney road
near the cabin

The cabin on Shedd Hill

We have a cabin in Reading, Vermont at the side of an old, one-lane, dirt road. The tree at the cabin's back corner is growing from an old house foundation. The abandoned farm's lilacs and apple trees still bloom each spring. Wild strawberries ripen in the grass below the barn foundation, which looks out at Mt. Ascutney past three spruces. We all thought these represented the three sons, David, Nate, and Jon. Water comes from a well, light from candles, and the morning chill is dispelled by a wood stove. Bears call at dusk from up the valley. We swam in the 20-foot hole two valleys away.

Looking west at Shedd Hill from the once-bald hill above the Rowley and Jenne farms:

Shedd Hill and Stone Chimney road

Stone Chimney Road climbs the flank of the hill, its path marked by roadside trees above the steep pasture. The cabin is at the top of the road at upper right. The road disappears up the valley past...

...the Stone Chimney. My mother took this photo in 1920, when the land was still pastured. The chimney and its cellar hole are still there in the woods.

From a family album. I think this is a woman named Ella. Taken in Felchville on the Tyson road. About 1910? This image always seemed to me to be infinitely sad.

I've discovered to my pleasure than my 4G grandparents, John & Huldah Davis, moved to Reading by 1790 and built a sawmill about a half mile up Bailey's Mills Brook from Hammondsville. I had been going past since the 1940s without knowing it. It was probably located near the house that is slowly tipping into the brook. Over the years the mill site grew to include a rake factory, etc. Apple blossoms? John's granddaughter Abigail married a Windsor Hoisington, and her granddaughter Edris, my mother, moved back to Reading about 1900. (This photo taken about than, when the mill(s?) and factory were run by Carlos Hawkins.)