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List of publications:

Stephen F. Ells. Massachusetts Open Space Law: Government's Influence Over Land Use Decisions, (Boston: Metropolitan Area Planning Council, April 1969, 165 pp.), being Volume 4 in Open Space and Recreation Program for Metropolitan Boston (Boston: Metropolitan Area Planning Council, in cooperation with the Metropolitan District Commission and the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources, 1967-1976, LCCN 70631132). Availability. -- Table of contents. -- Extracts.

------."Bobolink Protection and Mortality on Suburban Conservation Lands," Bird Observer, Vol. 23, No. 2, p. 98-112 (April 1995).

------. "Breeding Henslow's Sparrows in Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1994: A rare and erratic breeder in Massachusetts," Bird Observer, Vol. 23, No. 2, 113-115 (April 1995).

------. "Henry Thoreau and the Estabrook Country: A Historic and Personal Landscape," The Concord Saunterer, n.s., v. 4: 72-148 (Thoreau Society, Fall 1996).

------. The Seasons in Estabrook Country: an anthology about the cycle of the year and this landscape from the writings of Henry Thoreau and from the writings and words of fifty people (farmers, schoolteachers, philosophers, a homemaker, naturalists, schoolchildren, a trapper, poets, professors, and a ne'er-do-well) from 1653 to 1999 : (with annotations about the histories of this place and the people who lived, worked, and walked here). (Lincoln, Mass.: by the author, 1999) 112 pp.

------. "The Estabrook Country: A Rediscovered Great Wild Tract," Appalachia, v. LIII (n.s.): 2 (# 211, Appalachian Mountain Club, Dec. 2000) pp. 104-14.

------. A Bibliography of the Biodiversity and Natural History of the Sudbury River-Concord River Valley, including the Great Meadows, the Estabrook Woods, and Walden Woods. (Lincoln, Mass.: by author, 2002-updated 2004) 41 pp. It contains references to 400 studies on animals and plants of Thoreau Country. Also posted here is an excellent companion work, Edmund Schofield's Walden Woods ecosystem bibliography.

------. "From Boston's Hills to Chocorua's Heights, Frank Bolles Wrote From the Land," Appalachia, v. LIV (n.s.): 2 (#215, Appalachian Mountain Club, Dec. 15, 2002) pp. 92-112.

------ and Edris Hoisington Ells, Descendants of William Witherell Eells and Sarah Pilsbury Eells of Hanover, Massachusetts, and the Migration of Their Seven Children to Freeport and North Yarmouth, Maine 1783-1826, (Lincoln MA: priv. printed, 2004) 45 pp. [2d edition due in November 2005].


_____. "Willard Uphaus: A Prisoner in Thoreau Country." (Web-published. Whitton Pond, Madison NH: by the author, 2001)

------. Frank Bolles of Chocorua and Cambridge: Writer, Naturalist, and Educator (1856-1894). (Lincoln MA: 2003. Web-published. 18,000 words.)

In preparation:

------. The Easterbrooks Country Journal of Henry Thoreau, etc.