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Photos by Steve unless otherwise noted. Newest at end. Other photos are scattered about.

Personal Photo Gallery (Misc.)

Emery visits Pedro at Fenway Park-- Summer, 2000

A young Bernstein

Bernstein at a Tanglewood master class for student conductors (c. 1954). The piece was La Boheme. All the class would sing all the arias, as the student conducted the piano!

The 20-foot hole A picture by Jon's friend Meredith of the Twenty Foot Hole, a hidden swimming hole in Vermont.

Also, try my Estabrook Woods photo gallery, or a gallery of nature photos.

Mosaic of boys in 1998, I think. Jon and Taz at North Beach, Lake Champlain VT. Steve (by Boots) birding at Quabbin. Nate building his house in Union, Maine. Dave, king of all he surveys, at his house on Dover Point, Great Bay NH.

Emery in my bug. 1999.

Bobolinks in a late June meadow

Marj Rines's picture of my research species, breeding Bobolinks. These are at home in
one of Lincoln's grassland sanctuaries, Upper Browning Field, on June 29, 2001.

Our cabin

Our cabin on Shedd Hill, Reading, Vermont. (1998 photo by Jon.)

Nate, Perry, and Emery Ells

Nate, Perry, and Emery, Thanksgiving, 2001, in their old blueberry pasture at Ells Farm, Clarry Hill, Union, Maine.

Family pictures for 2001 - click HERE for four larger images

When I was at Harvard, there was an alley behind the Coop called Palmer Street (now gentrified). In those days, there was a nook off the alley that led to what had been an old stable. In there was an overstuffed chair, a studio in a mess, a sofa-bed, and Morris Hall Pancoast. He painted on Cape Ann or the North Shore in the summer and wintered, I think, in Palmer Street. Sometimes he would hang a painting on the brick wall of the alley nook. He suffered students like me, who would take up his time but do him no tangible good. In the dim urban light of the nook I never saw his paintings well, and he didn't offer to show them. I had never seen another until today, 46 years later, when I came across this work, luminous yet contrarily entitled "Mother McCary's Chickens." A chicken coop set in colors a sultan would envy. It pleases me, for I remember his crankiness and am now delighted by the evidence of his spirit. Click here for larger.

Woman, Cades Cove, Great Smokies. 1953.

 My friend the late Aiden Lassell Ripley of Lexington painted this watercolor, "The Roller Skaters," my favorite. I bought it in remembrance.

Below is my "Walden Pond awaiting winter, November 2002."

For Jon's 37th birthday at the Black Cow, Newburyport, April 2003, click here. (On

Dave's new digs on the Piscataqua, May 2003:

Click here.

For Ells farm in May 2003, click stuffed animals. (On