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Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase and Robert Estabrook on Shedd Hill in the early 1800s


Caption: PLEASE WAIT FOR THIS SHARP PICTURE TO LOAD FULLY. A luminous fall day in Vermont in the mid 1970s. A picnic with family on Bald Hill in Reading VT. (Captions are below.)

Be patient -- a handsome panorama of autumn in Vermont

PLEASE WAIT FOR THIS SHARP PICTURE TO LOAD FULLY, then scroll right ->  Captions are below.
Legend for 180-degree panorama.

At the left margin, the view looks SOUTH down Rt 106's valley towards Hammondsville.
Perhaps Hawks Mountain is in far far blue distance. Felchville is through this gap to the left of Keyes Mountain. [Scroll down and right.]


Hollis and Lib Newton's house and dark barn on Stone Chimney road
are a dark dot at the top of the gently domed green meadow below the left shoulder of Shedd Hill.
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The house and the red roofed barn belong to the much-photographed Jenne Farm.
My mother was born a few miles beyond this ridge. [Scroll down.]

The rounded, twin-bump hill left of the orange-leafed maples is Keyes Mountain. Ascutney is out of the picture to the left. Shedd Hill (2200' msl) is prominent in mid-picture, with the old dirt road to the Stone Chimney
darkly and diagonally carved across its flank. Our cabin is tucked along this track at height of land.
Near the right margin is the notch in Reading Hill, through which Rt. 106 passes north to South Woodstock,
the hills of which peek through, above the Kedron Valley.
In the valley beyond Keyes Mountain is South Reading and "time and 'ternity," the old name
for the hill road to Plymouth Kingdom and Tyson. For the time it took to get there. Perhaps it came from from Lincoln's remark, as he refused advice from political advisors that he abandon the Emancipation Proclamation, "I should be damned in time and eternity." The tall blue hill on the far horizon is called "The Alps."
The empty Chase Four Corners district is in the hill country beyond,
above Shedd Hill's right shoulder. Read the story about Salmon P. Chase.