A quiet New Hampshire pond

 A fall panorama in Reading, Vermont


 Steve Ells’ Personal Home Page

* This page includes personal interests, birding, and whims.

* Note that my separate page of research interests and writings (which includes Henry Thoreau, Estabrook Woods, Frank Bolles, Walden Pond, Willard Uphaus) is on line at <http://homepage.mac.com/sfe/henry/index.html>.

* News item: September 10, 2005: click here for pictures of the appallingly misguided actions of the prestigious Middlesex School as it cuts and develops its part of Thoreau's Estabrook Woods in Concord and Carlisle, Massachusetts. (Since then, it has gotten worse. I'll update some time when I can stand to think of it.)

* At the top of this page, there is a 359-degree panorama of our New Hampshire pond, taken May, 2001. The leaves are still spring-green. Ponds are the best things about New Hampshire. Quiet, secret ones. With loons. Click here for larger.

* The second banner panorama at the top of this page is in Reading, Vermont, looking south, west, and north to our small cabin on a long-abandoned farm on Shedd Hill. I first went to the land in the 1940s when it was just a steep pasture with a cellar hole and a fieldstone barn foundation. Recently, Jon has worked his heart out rescuing our cabin from decrepitude, caring for the old dooryard lilacs, and opening the view again. In the upper center is the now-empty district of town called Chase Four Corners, where then-a-lad Salmon P. Chase bid goodbye to his mother and departed westward into history. He became Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury and Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. For large, interesting 150K panorama of the above, click here.

* My son Nate, who lives in Maine, opened in November 2007 a new web-business with very attractive products. He calls it: "Out of the Fog" Maine-roasted coffee and Maine Gifts. Click here.

* A list of Steve's publications.

* Updated 25 Nov 2006. I posted a family history page at http://home.earthlink.net/~ellsfam/index.html on Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont ancestors, including new research on William Witherell Eells & Sarah Eells of Hanover MA, whose six daughters and one younger son all migrated to Freeport, Maine 1783-1825. A swarm. (Revised edition due in March 2008.)

* I have disorganized personal photos. See, my gallery of miscellaneous personal photos. And click here for Jon's 37th birthday at the Black Cow in Newburyport, my grandchildren on Nate's and Perry's Maine sheep farm , Dave's digs on the Piscataquis, etc. Also the start of a gallery of nature photos; also, posted are a few family pictures for 2001-3, plus granddaughter Emery's visit to see Pedro Martinez pitch at Fenway Park. A new picture of Nate, Perry, and Emery at Thanksgiving, 2001, on their old blueberry pasture on Clarry Hill, Union, Maine. And family pictures of a Hoisington family gathering at Windsor VT in September 2003. And my fiftieth reunion at Harvard College, June 2006.

* Almost fifty years ago I photographed the American Impressionist painter Morris Hall Pancoast (American Impressionist, 1877-1963). I had not seen his work since then, but on the web I was delighted to find this luminous work. Click for my portrait of Pancoast "Pancoast of Palmer Street" and other examples of his work. (Updated 2003.)

* As a birder, I was interested in the first-ever comprehensive list of the birds of the Estabrook Woods: 159 species have been seen in Estabrook Woods over the last 36 years. This is a large, varied, and interesting list for a forest. It contains birds of great visual beauty: for example, 32 species of warblers--the jewels of springtime. And great aural beauty: such as the Winter Wren, the Veery, and the Wood and Hermit Thrushes. And of predatory drama: four species of owl and ten of hawks, including breeding Great Horned Owls and Goshawks. Updated Feb. 5, 2002.

*On Grassland Bird Conservation: (Posted in 2000.)

* In our Vermont hourse, we found these marvelously simple watercolors of Nantucket painted in 1889 by Mina K. Goddard. (Updated 2004.)

* In memoriam to my friend, the late David Lloyd Garrison: remarks at the Roger Tory Peterson Commemorative at the Nuttall Ornithological Club.

* Added Feb. 10, 2002. My appreciation of the 1896 edition of Thoreau's "Cape Cod" with sketches by Amelia Watson:

*Our powder horn from Fort Number 4, Charlestown, New Hampshire.

*A request for information about an appealing old photograph I found of a rustic hill-country hamlet in a glen, with a pensive man. Likely late-19th century New England. Some doubtful resemblance to John Burroughs. (New info, Nov. 17, 2001.)

* Because I live here in Concord and Lincoln, I've also included on my personal page these short pages on various Thoreau country locations.

*This web site's address is <http://home.earthlink.net/~steveells>. Contact info: Stephen F. Ells, e-mail: <SteveElls--at--gmail.com>. Comments or questions are welcomed. Updated 25 Nov 2007.