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Welcome to my website!

You'll get to see Editorial Cartoons, Humorous Illustration, Cartoons, and Caricatures ...and see how my work may be of benefit and entertainment for you.

I am the Editorial Cartoonist for the Palo Alto Daily News which publishes my cartoons twice weekly, on Fridays and Sundays. I also do Humorous Illustration for clients who wish to use visual humor to get across a concept. Common applications include brochures, business cards, visual presentations, and advertisements. A large part of my business focuses on Caricaturing. Often I am asked to draw a presentation Caricature as a gift for someone who is being honored, or retiring, getting married, or as a birthday present for the "person-who-has-everything" (...instead of another tie!). These make incredible and personal gifts that you can't buy in a store! People LOVE them! Also, I do Live Caricature Drawing at parties, such as Corporate Events, Summer Picnics, Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Bar-Mitzvahs, Wedding Receptions, and ANY kind of social gathering that wishes to celebrate humor. Live Caricature Drawing is an amazingly popular entertainment activity! Guaranteed to spice up your party!

Here's a Caricature I did of Bill Clinton during his bid for re-election. This is the kind of work I generally do drawing "live" at parties.


"Live" Color Caricature Drawing
9" x 12"
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