ArcaOS and OS/2 Diagnostic Tools and Tips

These are the latest stable versions. Newer versions may be found on the betas page.

OS/2 Trace Tools 29 Mar 2018 These REXX routines implement a simple interface to ease setup and monitoring of the OS/2 Trace Facility. Includes OS/2 Trace Reference Guide.
Trap Dump Setup Guide 29 Nov 2015 This is a cookbook Trap Dump setup guide with some basic analysis tips.
A Guide to the DUMPFS OS2DUMP 29 Nov 2015 The DUMPFS OS2DUMP is a version of OS2DUMP which supports a FAT like file system larger than 2GiB. This version of OS2DUMP is intended to support systems with more than 2GiB of RAM.
Display Theseus Linear Memory Map 07 Nov 2015 linear_memory_map.cmd is a REXX script that uses the Theseus REXX interface to write the linear memory map to a timestamped file or to stdout. This is useful for automation or for when the map overflows the Theseus window.
Process Dump Wrapper 0.11 07 Apr 2015 PDumpCtl is a wrapper for the OS/2 Process Dump Facility. The scripts provide simple setup for common process dump scenarios. The package includes REXX and 4OS2 versions of the script. The REXX version is the preferred version. The unmaintained 4OS2 version is deprecated, but it may be useful if REXX is not available.
Theseus How-to 09 Jan 2014 This is a guide to performing some common Theseus operations. It also includes an overview of the available REXX functions.
IPFormat to Text v0.3 22 Mar 2013 The output generated by ipformat can be hard to read when the text is more important and the text data. This tool converts the hex dump data to more easily readable text.
Kernel Debugger Setup Guide 21 Sep 2012 This a cheat-sheet guide for setting up the kernel debugger on a serial interface.
Trap Screen Guide 15 Sep 2012 This guide explains how to read kernel exception Trap Screens.
Process Dump Setup Guide 5 Sep 2012 This is a cookbook Process Dump setup guide. It too includes some basic analysis tips.
Mapsym for OpenWatcom v0.3 19 Mar 2012 is a Perl script that takes an OpenWatcom map file as input and generates a sym file compatible with the kernel debugger, pmdf, exceptq and other tools that accept sym files generated by mapsym.
Process Dump Setup Guide 26 Jan 2012 This is a cookbook Process Dump setup guide. It too includes some basic analysis tips.
Nowhere Tools v0.2 09 Dec 2011 NowhereTools is a collection of procedures and scripts for removing extra Nowhere folders from your ArcaOS or Warp installation without breaking your Desktop. The scripts assist the manual procedures described in NowhereTools.txt.
Kernel Debugger Reference 18 Sep 2011 Kdebug is a cheat-sheet reference to the kernel debugger.
ExceptQ Exception Handler v6.7 24 May 2008 This version has been replaced by a compatible version with enhanced output formatting. Download it from exceptq 7.0. Check for newer versions with Search.

ExceptQ is a generic OS/2 exception handler DLL. This version is based on code that appeared in the IBM Developer Connection magazine which appears to be in the public domain. This version corrects several defects in the original and contains reasonably clean 32-bit support. The original sources were probably written with CSet/2 and assume that they are compiled as 16-bit code.

This version also contains support for oversized (i.e. >64KiB) symbol files.

There are several other versions floating around the net. This version is based on source code delivered with an issue of the IBM Developer Connection magazine and has no known license issues. Some of the other versions were marked IBM Internal Use Only.

ExceptQ Exception Handler Source Code v6.7 24 May 2008 ExceptQ is a generic OS/2 exception handler DLL. The toolchain is currently VAC 3.08, but it should be possible to use OpenWatcom without too much effort.
OS/2 Trace Reference Guide 10 Dec 2004 This is a cookbook setup guide for the OS/2 Trace Facility.
Dump Trap Screen 12 Oct 2004 This tool extracts the trap screen info from an OS/2 dump file. The dump file can be on hard drive or on diskettes. For diskettes, only the first diskette is required. This is much easier than writing down all the register information by hand.
CONFIG.SYS validator 05 Jan 2001 Goran Ivankovic's CONFIG.SYS Tool does a better job overall. This tool is handy because it is simple and can be run from the command line.


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