Stephen D. Snyder, Ph.D.
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Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Fatih University

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Dubrovnik, Philosophy of Art Conference, April 2012

Saint Louis University, Ph.D., Philosophy (2006)
Frankfurt University, M.A. Program, Philosophy
Manchester University, B.A., Philosophy/Computer Science

Research Areas
Dr. Snyder specializes in the philosophy of art, social and political philosophy, and nineteenth and twentieth century continental philosophy.  He has particular interests in researching the communicative dimension of artistic practice.

Current Projects 

Stephen Snyder is teaching philosophy and living in Istanbul. His current research project has been funded by a grant from Fatih University. This project entails the application of his communicative theory of art to the morphological shift that occurred as Byzantine art emerged from the art of late Antiquity. He is also working on a book project, The End of Art and the Dialectic of Imagination. 

At the 2012 College Art Association Conference in Los Angeles, he presented the paper "Emblems of Power and the Changing Function of Art in the Eastern Roman Empire," in the Expanding the Boundaries of Rome: New Research in Early and Late Roman Art session. 

He also presented the results of his research at the Philosophy of Art conference at Dubrovnik's Inter-University Center in Croatia. There, he read the paper, "Ritual Viewing and Ritual Action."

In June he participated in a faculty exchange with the University of Mainz funded by an Erasmus grant. In Mainz, he conducted a seminar on the aesthetic and political effects of the Turkish language reform.

As part of his research project, he traveled to Antakya, Gaziantep and Midyat to photograph mosaics, art and architecture of the second sophisticate and late antiquity.

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