Stephen D. Snyder, Ph.D.
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Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Boğaziši University

Dubrovnik, Philosophy of Art Conference, April 2012


Saint Louis University, Ph.D., Philosophy

Frankfurt University, M.A. Program, Philosophy

Manchester University, B.A., Philosophy/Computer Science

Research Areas
Dr. Snyder specializes in the philosophy of art, social and political philosophy, and nineteenth and twentieth century continental philosophy. He has particular interests in researching the communicative dimension of artistic practice. His research focuses on case studies that exhibit how shifts in a cultural value system are reflected in the visual arts and metaphor.

Current Research
Dr. Snyder is currently researching the image of St. George killing Diocletian. The project’s interdisciplinary approach applies interpretive philosophy to the early medieval Armenian and Georgian religious art. Its point of departure is the shift in the artistic style of pagan Hellenism to that of the early Christian/Byzantine world. Sweeping changes emerge from this in terms of how people understood causality in relation to the divine, and the expectations embedded in their worldviews. For Kitzinger, the 4th c. Roman’s choice of a frontal style indicates a rejection of classical paganism, showing that cultural presuppositions, evident in perspective, can express resistance. The project explores how the use of culturally distinct stylistic perspectives articulates resistance in the image of Saint George killing a man, who is most frequently identified as Emperor Diocletian.

In July 2016, he presented “Causality in Perspective: Resistance in the Image of St. George Killing Diocletian,” at the Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts in Tbilisi.

In September 2016, he presented “The Image of St. George Killing Diocletian: Worldview in Perspective as Resistance Art” at the Annual Conference of the Society for Intercultural Philosophy: The Strength, Power, and Force of Images from an Intercultural Perspective in Vienna.

Dr. Snyder will be going to Tbilisi, Georgia on a Fulbright research grant in 2018. He will be researching the image of St. George slaying Diocletian at the Institute of the History and Theory of Art, Tbilisi State University.

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