Stephen D. Snyder, Ph.D.
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Published Photography and Exhibitions

1. Echoes of Resistance Before the Coup Attempt: Gezi Protests and Aesthetic Displacement, Photo Exhibition for Panel on Current Issues in Turkish Politics, St. Louis Community College, Fall (2016).

2. Re-visions of History: the Redefining of Identity in the Middle East, Photo Exhibition for International Education Week, St. Louis Community College, Fall (2015).

3. Three Youth in the Citadel, Cairo, Egypt, 52nd City April (2008).

4. Lance Blomgren, “Interview with Simparch,” Matrix 63 (2003): 45-55. Documenta 11 photographs by Stephen Snyder.

5. Lance Blomgren, “Art of Engagement,” Ascent 16 (2002): 50. Free Basin photograph by Stephen Snyder.

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