Exact Morality for Today

To download Exact Morality for Today, press down arrow to activate drop-down menu of choices, click on choice, then click go. The normal font version is double-spaced and is just over 300 pages. The tiny font version is 4-pt. single-spaced, without table of contents, taking up just 13 pages using double-sided printing. Such a version is appropriate for those with good eyes or who want to stir things up by distributing as many free copies as possible in public places. I encourage everybody to send all their friends my book or a link to this page, so they too can gain enlightenment. And please link this page on your webpages, in message boards, etc. I forbid people to sell copies of my book; they must be given away for free.

Alternatively, view Exact Morality for Today in html merely by using the web browser that you used to read this. I divided the book into five parts and posted each part as a web page. MSWORD is poor at translating Word documents into html, so the footnotes are somewhat awkward to read, and the table of contents is missing, but otherwise it's pretty readable.

Exact Morality for Today (EMFT) as a webpage:

First part of EMFT

Second part of EMFT

Third part of EMFT

Fourth part of EMFT

Fifth (last) part of EMFT

(Manuscripts last updated November 25, 2002.)

See planned revisions and additions to Exact Morality for Today