Stellar Fibers

Where Floss and Fabric are the Stars

Updated 9 December 2012 - After several years of water issues with the well giving out during the extreme droughts, we finally have a deep well in, a hundred feet below bedrock. So, as soon as the lines clear out, we can start dying in larger quantities again, and can do more than test runs of the new colors.  We expect this to be the first of the year.  

Updated 12 April 2009 - The paypal account was finally activated Friday, so we can do the e-mail payments now.  The charts which I have finished converting into PDF format for e-mail delivery have the prices listed on the page for the chart.

Updated 4 April 2009 - Today we signed up for a paypal account. It should be active and ready for e-mail paypal payments on or about 10 April. Over the last few months I've been working on converting the charts we sell to PDF format so you can order and receive them electronically.  I am about half way done at this time.  There are some problems with page breaks for the larger charts, so they are not yet ready.  Being able to e-mail you the charts after payment means we can lower the prices on the charts for PDF orders.  

Updated 14 September 2008 - We've had several reports of the e-mail link not opening the default e-mail application and inserting the address for you automatically. If it does not work on your system, open your e-mail application, then copy or type in - - in the mail to line. If the problem is bouncing e-mail, give a try. If it appears that earthlink is blocking your ISP address, use, but I only check that one on Saturday mornings.

Updated 3 August 2008 - We've been busy the last few weeks.  There's another twenty four colors in the Legacy Line Floss, and some additional Stellar Fiber floss and fabric colors.  We've found a change in dying process which lowers the water usage for fabric, and another which decreases the bleed problem with the colors which had been prone to fading and bleeding with washing.

A few words on our hand dyed fiber line is in order. The dyes we use are considered by the manufacturer to be colorfast. That is, you can wash the floss and fabric in cold water and mild detergent without bleeding. We actually run each piece of fabric through the wash two or three times after the fix step to get out excess dye and to soften the fabric.  Our floss is rinsed several times for the same reason.  This extra care means that each piece of fabric and each piece of floss takes 24 to 36 hours to process before it is ready to ship.  Please be careful as some detergents have enough brightners and bleach in them to make most fabrics bleed for several washings.

The fabric and floss identifiers are in stellar catalog identification format. Like the stars, some will have common nicknames that someone comes up with.  The first floss line, Starshine, is a multitonal monochromatic offering.  That is one dye bath, one color, but the tone of the color will vary within the strand. It could be said that the intensity of the color changes while the wavelength remains constant.  Later, we will consider a polychromatic line, known to most stitchers as varigated.   The fabric is also a monochromatic dye bath, however,  we are wanting to offer more intense, vibrant colors, and allow for chromatographic separation in the fabric fibers to occur.  The blues are taken up faster in the fabric than the reds in a bright purple, so we can offer a purple and blue fabric which appears to have been dyed in two different baths.

Finally, the pictures of fabric and floss on the site are good approximations of actual color.  Unless you spend the time and money to have your monitor calibrated on a regular interval with a professional photographer's color calibration unit the color you see is never exact.

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Prices et cetera

We will have each color available in both evenweave and aida fabric. There are some minor color shifts associated with changing from the evenweave to aida. Our standard sizes and prices are 9x13 for $4.00, 18x13 for $9.00, and 18x27 (fat quarters) for $18.00.  If you want a larger or odd size, or are wanting to know our wholesale prices, contact us for a quote.

Having used specialty and hand-dyed floss from other places, we sell floss in five yard skeins to make it easier to buy the right amount for your project.  A single skein is $1.00, additional skeins of the same color are $0.95 per skein in the same order. Shipping for floss is $0.75 for the first three skeins, $1.00 for three to ten skeins and $1.00 for each ten skein increment above that.

Unlike some businesses, we do not expect postage to be a profit center, but we do not expect to lose money, either.  Postage is free for orders over $50.  For smaller amounts we figure by amount of fabric; $3 for a fat quarter, $2 for an 18x13, $1 for a 9x13 by US mail standard shipping, no insurance.  If you want shipping insurance, priority mail, or another carrier, contact us before placing the order.

As much as possible we try to run the business on envioronmentally friendly precepts:  reduce, reuse, recycle.  Reusing shipping material helps the environment and helps keep shipping prices low for you.

Why Stellar Fibers?  Two of our sons are sort of Astro-Nuts.  While the third is doing our framing and finishing his second year of an astrophysics degree.