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According to Skye Weintraub in her book 'The Parasite Menance' Parasites are organisms that live in or on another organism, at the expense of the host, and often compete for nutrition.  The host will be injured to some degree from this relationship.  The parasites that she is refering to live inside the human body and feed off the food that we provide them.  Over 100 common types of human parasites are know and the body can host more then one type at one time. Some parasites are short lived, but according to Skye Weintraub some of these parasites can have a life span of 10, 20 or even 30 years.  Approximately one-half the population in the U.S. carry at least one form of parasite.  You can get amebas, giardia, cryptpsporium, pinworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and host of others without leaving the U. S.  You can get parasites in a number of ways; food handlers, day care centers, sexual contact, sharing drinks, drinking water from lakes, rivers, stream, and creeks, and close contact with your pets that carry parasites are just a few of the ways that parasites can spread.    




                                            Possible Signs of Parasites



The presence of abdominal cramps and rumblings and gurgling in the stomach area at times different from hunger and eating.

Switching between diarrhea and constipation.

Flulike symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, and fever.

Losing weight, yet have a ravenous appetite.

Multiple allergies, especially to food including wheat and milk products. Pains in the chest or heartburn that were not there before.


The following are additional possible signs of parasites: 


Anemia  /  arthritis  /  asthma  /  autoimmune disease  /  bedwetting  /  bloating  /  blood in stool  /  chronic fatigue  /  colitis  /  Crohn’s disease  /  depression  /  digestive problems  / dysentery  /  excessive nose picking  /  feeling full in the stomach  /  flatulence  /  grinding teeth at night  /   headaches  /  hungry feeling all the time  /  immune dysfunction  /  impaired thinking  /  inflammatory bowel disease  /  intestinal obstruction  /  irritable bowel syndrome  /  itchy skin, ears, nose, anus  /  joint-muscle aches and pains / loss of appetite / low-back pain  /  nausea  /  nervousness  /  rash, itching of skin  /  restlessness even in sleep  /  shortness of breath  /  sleeping disturbances  /  sore mouth and gums  /  stomach aches or burns  /  toxic feeling  /  vomiting


Adapted from Weintraub, S., 'The Parasite Menace', Woodland Publishing, Pleasant Grove, UT, 1998.