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Dog Daycare,Boarding
Steffies House Dog Grooming Salon Portland Oregon Small Dogs & Up To 75lbs

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Competitive Prices For this Homestyle Boarding and Daycare, I charge $36 for 24 hours of stay,,that breaks down to $1.50 per hour, and that's what I charge for daycare as well, with a minimum of $10.
Any extended stays of 5 days or over will get 10% off the boarding.
That would be 1 dog, 5 days =$180, minus $18, = $162. You may choose to also have me groom your dog so he/she can be fresh for your Grand Reunion, the price would be the regular price.
I also give 10% off for multiples, but each dog is counted,,so 2x $1.5=$3 per hour for 2 dogs, 3 dogs would be $4.5 per hour, but in both cases you will get 10% off. If you have multiples that will be staying 5 days or longer, instead of taking $ off for extended stay, I give your dogs free baths just before you pick them up so they will be lovely and fresh for you to cuddle up and play with (heres the math for 2: 2x180=360, with 2 free baths( about $50 savings/value).
Pets that have Special Needs. $2 extra charge per day per procedure, ie: pills/meds.

All Overnighting dog Boarders are given the opportunity to share Steffies Queen Size bed: dogs are pack animals, and love Steffies Sleepovers! Except in the Summer time some may opt to sleep on the cool floor for a while, most all end up on the bed, or, if shy they may opt for their own bed which each owner or Steffie can provide. Steffie has 3 small dogs, there's room for another 2-3 over nighters on the bed, or more if they go on their own beds and/or couch. (yes, they are allowed up on the couch,,there are carpeted stairs up to it!

Your Dog:
Needs to be up to date on shots, and not have fleas or ear mites, nor be exhibiting any signs of illness, such as drippy nose, coughing, drooling, etc.
Should be able to get along well with small dogs, and not be excessively interested in chasing cats or squirrels, bikes, skateboards, cars, & the like. I have 3 cats but they usually hang out in the pottery shop, I keep their nails clipped, and, like my dogs, they are up to date on shots. Also, no climbing dogs,,some dogs, like Jack Russles, climb fences like a ladder,,they would'nt be safe here,,and, for that matter, too, No extreme diggers or Runners, Houdini's, Escape Artists, either.
The fence is 3' high per code in the front, a little higher on the sides. Construction grade green pvc fence mesh keeps normal good dogs in.
If you have a rescue dog that is prone to running away, please do not bring him/her to Steffie's House, because while I do exercise Ordinary Care to prevent harm, (due diligence) this is not a floor to ceiling kenneling system that uses cement and chain-link caging or fencing.
The entire dog run area on the property is fenced this way. Your dog will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of having full run of the house and yard, and will remain at my side as well as with my own dogs, as I go about my chores, or grooming, or pottery out in the back shed. Dogs that are too large to fit through the small dog door are let out on a regular and frequent basis, even given midnight and early morning relief breaks. Everything is Climate Controlled and comfortable and reasonably clean, I use Vinegar and Water to mop, and potty messes are cleaned up immediately using natural enzymes, and H2O2-oxyclean/hydrogen peroxide. An indoor air-filter is used at all times to keep allergens down.  Outside there is an area with bare ground and plants to explore, but most of the area is paved, and kept clean with a hose and natural odor eliminating enzymes. All bedding is washed and kept Dust Mite Free as much as possible, laundering 2 loads of something every day! I like to make sure all my pets are Pest Free.
There are 3 cats, but all are pretty good with dogs. I have a House Chicken, her name is Suri the Surama, she is a tiny little hen, and can't be cooped with the 2 Polish hens-Kate and Pippa-they have glorious big fancy hats! So they don't see her half the time, but when they do, sometimes they go after her, so I have to keep her close to me when they are out and about. Dog's that are new to seeing and being around chickens usually get the idea not to mess with them pretty fast, chickens have good self defense, and a quick 'Leave It' ususally works,,if not, I keep the chickens penned up and they are just as happy that way as not,,so all's good!
Also, your dog should Be House Broken, and be able to 'hold their water'~ within reason: ie: no excessive 'Marking' dogs. I will take puppies as long as you provide Wee Wee Pads for overnighting.


*******Walkies are Free for Over Night Boarders!*******
My Open Hours are 9 AM for Drop Off to 9 PM for Pick Up

I Promise:
To treat your pet as if it were my own, with love, respect, care, and gentle guidance when needed. I will feed your pet on time, with food you recommend**, and fresh water always, and play with them, and keep them warm, and comfortable, and happy, in my home on oak floors, couches, doggy beds, and access to fenced back yard for potty breaks.
I will take them to emergency vet Dove Lewis or your vet if needed.
Other Services 
Competitive Pricing on Exercise: $.50cents per minute: ie: 1/2 hour run = $15, 1 hr = $30.
If you want I can take your dog out to Sandy River Delta, for a 3 hour 'Blowout' fun-day, and bring them back here and give them a bath to get all the sand and burrs out,,total charge:
$90+fee for bath ($24 or $29) If I do this, I have the option of also taking my own dogs along. This is why I do not charge extra for Gas/Travel.
Please provide you pet's snax/lunch, and Harness.
DayCare Walkies or Play Time (bring ball and thrower if you have it) are Available by Appointment, you drop off here, I will walk/run your dog about 30-50 minutes long, through the neighborhood, or a local park, my discretion. Your pet remains on leash. (Please provide a Harness) I will naturally adjust my walking stride/speed/distance to suit your pet. I will pick up after it, and alert you to any gastro-intestinal problems I notice.

I may need to towel off their back, and/or wash and towel dry your pet's feet after, no extra charge.
Please Provide Training Treats and Lunch Kibble**

If you like, you may arrange for me to groom them so they are pretty and sweet smelling with smooth nails and minty breath for you when you pick them up.

There is a $24 on up extra charge for bathing/grooming.

**Food is love,, although I am tempted still to treat your dog with bits of my chicken dinner, I have learned not to, and now pick up my own dogs food so your dog won't have access to anything but it's regular food, to avoid tummy upset, unless you say it's OK.

I have available space now, for your Holiday Vacations, Please call now! Book In Advance is a good idea, all local boarding facilities fill up fast during this time of year.

I look forward to our Meet & Greet! 503/238-1638

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Stephanie Schulz* 3829 SE Washington St * Portland * Or * 97214

By Appointment, Call Now !
Home Phone 503/ 238-1638
Cell Phone 503/ 388-0105

EMAIL AT: steffiesdogwash@earthlink.net


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