Man's research that I founded present you for eradication of premature ejaculation(P.E) all over the world.

This is serial report of Man's research.

PART 1..

I largely researched for sensitive penis and introduced 4 therapies.

1.Running or fast walk in sufficient sweat. It is important to erection because erection relates to circulation of blood. We need to have strong heart.

2.Tri underwear or tight pants are not good at health. Tri underwear or tight pants prevent to frictionize penis at your underwear during walk or run and you can't long sex. For long sex we need to blunt some penis head. I recommend box type underwear and loose pants. For example it is good to grip penis by bath towel or to wear hemp underwear.

3. About 10 minute concentrative fraction penis(especially penis head point-it is best sensitive)by finger. It is very effective to premature ejaculation(P.E) For example if you do this action before sex I swear you can bear not little sexual stimulus.

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NOTICE: This is a non-scientific survey taken to gather a general impression of prevailing attitudes in modern American Society. This survey covers topics of an adult nature. If you are offended by such topics, or do not wish to participate in this survey, then PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW. This survey is in no way associated with or sanctioned by AOL. The results of this survey are unlikely to be published, and should you choose to respond, your ScreenName will in no way be recorded in the results.

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This version of the survey is applicable only to males.

1.) What is your age?

2.) What is you sexual orientation (i.e. Straight, gay, bi-sexual)?

3.) Are you married or steadily dating one woman? (Please indicate which.)

4.) Have you ever been crushed in the balls? [For the purposes of this survey, "crush" shall be defined as kick, punch, squeeze, knee, or otherwise strike, or any combination thereof.] If you answered yes to this question, please continue to answer the following questions; if you answered no to this question, please skip to question #14.

6.) When were you most recently crushed in the balls (testicles)?

7.) Who most recently crushed your balls? (i.e. girlfriend, wife, sister, friend, co-worker, complete stranger, etc.)

8.) Why (do you suspect, if you do not know) did she [we are assuming that a woman did the crushing; please continue to answer the questions, even if that is not the case] crush them?

9.) Did she appear to enjoy crushing your balls?

10.) Did you enjoy having your balls crushed?

11.) How often do you get your balls crushed (not just by the person referred to above)? (i.e. only once, very rarely, occasionally, frequently, once a week, daily, etc.)

12.) Who was the first person who crushed your balls? (i.e. girlfriend, wife, sister, friend, co-worker, complete stranger, etc.)

13.) Does any person crush your balls on a regular basis, and if so, Who?

14.) What type of underwear to you generally prefer to wear? (i.e. boxer shorts, briefs, jockey shorts, bikini, long-johns, etc.)

15.) Would you describe yourself as being sexually aggressive?

16.) Do you ever fantasize about having your balls crushed, and if so, by whom?

17.) If you were forced to have your balls crushed, but could choose any celebrity woman to crush them, who would you choose?

18.) Who is your ideal sexual-object woman?

19.) How many times, at the absolute maximum, would you permit this woman to kick you in the testicles, if she offered to have sex with you after a certain number of kicks?

20.) Are you dedicated enough to your current girlfriend/wife that you would allow her to crush your balls each time before having sex?

THANK YOU for participating in this survey of modern American sexual attitudes. Please e-mail the completed survey to when you have completed it. **************************************************************************** ********************* Incidentally, my favorite question on the female version of this survey (which I will spare you) is this:

If you could crush the balls of any male celebrity, who would it be?