The Libyrinth: Borges, Eco, Garcia Marquez, Joyce, Kafka, Pynchon

J. G. Ballard

The Make Money Fast Hall Of Humiliation

Jerry Lewis The Jer's very own home ripo...I mean, page. Now you too can pay $300 for an autographed copy of THE TOTAL FILMMAKER! Yes, it mentions THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED.

AOL Watch The lowdown on America's most annoying source of junk mail.

Car Sex FAQ And you thought CRASH was weird...

Pariscope (In French) Needto know what movies are playing in Paris? Probably not, but this site has a complete listing of all 2,000 of 'em.

Weird stuff I've found on Usenet Free cool news! Rated NC-17.

Steven Shaviro An academic, but one with interesting taste in film, music and books. Contains the entire contents of several of his books, as well as lots of links.

Murder Can Be Fun Features unpublished material from John Marr's excellent but infrequently published zine. Updated monthly.

Jan Svankmajer This is the kind of labor-of-love tribute the Web should be filled with; an exhaustive site dedicated to Czech animator Svankmajer

Thrift Score This is the online version of Al Hoff's zine about shopping in thrift stores, including plenty of her writing for other publications.

Mystery Date Lynn Peril's zine offers a witty feminist take on detritus like home economics textbooks and books on menstruation.

Olivier Assayas This Taiwanese site is devoted to articles on/interviews with Assayas, including mine. Although only a few links are up yet, it looks quite promising.

Erik Davis This collects a great deal of work by Davis, a cultural critic who's just published the book TECHGNOSIS.

Hong Kong Movie Database An encyclopedic source of info and links about this now-beleaguered cinema.

Haruki Murakami Contains bibliography, articles and links for this excellent Japanese writer

Liebography An NYC cable show featuring extremely clever, well-edited libellous found-footage biographies of the likes of Bill Gates, John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. You can watch their shows on-line.

Americans For Purity: Winning The War On Masturbation Speaking of which, we're is in serious trouble if this guy ain't kidding. Be sure to check the hate mail page.

An Unusual Look at THE GAME Why can't Alex Crouvier and Gaza be this funny?

Infiltration The zine of going places you're not supposed to go: unauthorized explorations of abandoned buildings, luxury hotels and subway tunnels in Toronto and elsewhere.

Iron Chef The only televised sports show worth watching.

 Book Happy A zine dedicated to weird books; this site includes a list of such items that the editor's selling, along with excerpts from each issue.