(Idea borrowed from Erik Gregersen)

Films without dates are "new releases," including films released commercially and as-yet-undistributed titles from 2013- 15 that have just made it here. A title surrounded by "/" is one that I've seen before.  Titles prefaced by a plus sign were seen on home video. Star ratings are included for new releases over 31 minutes. Films under 30 minutes will be marked {S} and films between 30 and 70 minutes marked {M}. All titles are American unless otherwise indicated.


DON'T THINK TWICE (Mike Birbiglia) ***

A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS (Natalie Portman, Israel) **1/2

NEITHER HEAVEN NOR EARTH (Clément Cogitore, France/Belgium) ***1/2

FAREWELL, UNCLE TOM (Gulatiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi, Italy, 1971)

MONDO TOPLESS (Russ Meyer, 1966) {M}

MONDO CANE (Paolo Cavra, Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi, Italy, 1962)

GHOSTBUSTERS (Paul Feig) **1/2

CAMERAPERSON (Kirsten Johnson) ***

THREE (Johnnie To, Hong Kong) ***

/REAR WINDOW/ (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)

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