I found this on Usenet about 6 months ago and just recently came across it again while cleaning my hard drive. I can no longer remember the author's name, alas, but kookery this inspired deserves a permanent home. (I wonder what he thought of THE MATRIX.) Or perhaps Skander Halim really wrote it in a fit of Fincher-bashing rage.

Someone recommended that I must see the movie "The Game" (1997, with Michael Douglas).

I have never seen a more insane and more destructive movie than this one, "The Game", with its (by the way, completely unrealistically scripted) "Consumer Recreation Services".

You did feel it was an insane movie, but you did not "get" it, or you do not fully understand why, I am sure.

As we are happening to draw towards the final research on this, I do have the background on the very unpleasant insanity of Michael Douglas and of the rest of the crew and producers of that movie, "The Game".

Here we go: The movie, and Michael Douglas in particular, destroy(s) the spiritual universe. There is the physical universe, in which false "evidence" can be fabricated and given to and about anyone, and you can even convince anybody, in the physical universe, that the biggest criminal in Mankind's history (L. Ron Hubbard) is now "the most helpful and greatest person who ever lived".

That is - in the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE - possible, you see! You just print enough glossy magazines and you call yourself a church and a commodore, and you wear some Navy uniforms, and you have some insane music band blaring at people, all demanding that people do not look at you IN THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE.

How crazy can you get in this? As crazy as in the movie "The Game"! They are, Michael Douglas and the whole crew of the movie, throughout the film, they are selling to you that YOU ARE THE MOST INSANE IDIOT THAT HAS EVER LIVED AND THAT YOU WILL AND MUST REMAIN SO!


Now let's look at this. They (Michael Douglas and his crew and producers) actually demand of you that you believe that you can not see the intentions and lies of people, when the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE shows you no lies, as if every conman (including the biggest imposter and mass-murderer of all, L. Ron Hubbard, by the way) can just get away with everybody, as long as he puts on a nice shirt and a convincing > face and an expensive looking office!

Any sane person can and does look at the INTENTIONS of people, of ANY person, and he asks and acts accordingly! That's all taking place in the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE, and that's the main thing that's going on in life. It steers life.

Criminals do not want to have the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE exposed or seen or relied on, because there criminals can much more easily be detected, as we, and thousands of other sane and caring people, are proving daily.

But in the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE, you can just about "prove" and say anything. To counter that, witnesses are PERSONALLY testifying, amongst other reasons for it. In the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE, you can > see much more. ("Clever" lawyers know also THAT, and they study or practice hypnotism and spiritual domination and Black Magic, actually, in the court room, to try and "win" nevertheless.)

The movie "The Game" with Michael Douglas wants to and DOES enforce on you that the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE does not exist, that truth is not detectable simply by looking at a person's intentions, and that you are not capable of being a spiritual being who can know, but that you "must accept that you are a manipulatable, dominatable being" who HAS NO SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE.

We are doing research in how this evil has been introduced into our civilization in order to ruin our civilization and the people in it. This research has been nearly completed.

And, now we know for very certain where Michael Douglas stands, the little and ugly coward. I had thought that Kathleen Turner was caved in by herself, after playing in "The War of the Roses" against Michael Douglas, where Douglas was supposed to play the rather sane husband, and where Kathleen Turner had to play the wife who had turned insane without understanding why. As I now know, it was a bad choice of actors, very bad, and apparently rather detrimental to the mental health of Kathleen Turner. (I don't know whether she has recovered, in the meantime. I haven't kept track of her.)