The Travel Information Systems Study provided transportation management personal with a better understanding of the affect the Control Management System (CMS, the traffic information signs along the I-4 corridor) have on a driver's decision remain in traffic or divert to an alternative route should the CMS display a congestion notice.

Specifically, the study addresses the following questions:

         Effectiveness - How can the existing CMS system on I-4 be more effective, e.g., if an accident located on a shoulder is causing congestion, what should the CMS message display? Are different foreign languages needed?

        Accuracy and Frequency of Broadcasting Information - Evaluate   the accuracy, timeliness and frequency of traffic information, specifically along the I-4 corridor.

        Compliance - How can the system operator know the percentage of travelers diverting to city streets due to a certain message. Can an estimate be made as to the delay time and its affect on a travelers diverting to an alternate route?

        Alternate Route Signing -What is the most effective street signing for routes, particularly the I-4 corridor and similar high traffic arteries, during incidents or special events? Is there a willingness to “pay for traffic information?”