Web and E-mail Based Surveys

Web based Surveys: Here, your intended audience can receive "alert" or "invitational" email messages that directs them to the Web based interview site. You can have "person specific, email address specific" password access or a common password for all invitees. There can be automatic response screening to help avoid multiple responses and the ability to do follow-up inquiry to non-respondents. See the Web Survey Primer.

The main advantage to Web surveys is the clean data through the ability to conduct more unbiased studies that can include skips, cross-checking, and rotation patterns.

The Web surveys can have color, client logos and pictures to enhance appearance or focus the respondent to particular visuals

The Web questionnaire is placed on your client's server, if available and/or appropriate, or arrangements can be made for another ISP locale. "Typical" requirements include having the system placed on an NT server, FTP access to the survey's directory, and an executable "cgi-bin" for the software engine.

E-mail Surveys: The facility to send and receive surveys via the Internet and Intranets is new and a growing research option. Not only is there a high degree of confidentiality but responses offer near real-time results to the client. Through pre-selected E-mail lists available to the client or purchased email lists you can obtain results from your consumer/customer as they reply to the questionnaire. Automatic response screening takes place and non-response follow-up.

Your survey questionnaire is included as part of an E-mail message, which can be sent out to nearly anyone with an Internet addressable E-mail address.  Responses are returned and tabulated routinely, so results can be constantly monitored and reported.

Both Reduce Cost, Error and Inconvenience

To help reduce cost and error, as well as save time, Web & E-mail based surveys help to dramatically avoid:

bullet Printing and mailing paper questionnaires
bullet Calling respondents by phone
bullet Deciphering respondents' handwriting
bullet Transcription of open-end and other responses
bullet Manually keying in responses

For respondents, an Web & E-mail based surveys help eliminate:

bullet Tediously filling out printed forms by hand
bullet Being interrupted by telephone interviewers

Respondents reply directly in the Web form or from any email system, through an Internet service provider, commercial online service, workstation or terminal [access charges may apply]. The cost of collecting and processing each response in an Web or E-mail based survey is very low because no materials and little labor is required. Consequently, many more respondents can be included than in a conventional paper or phone survey, yielding more complete and accurate results.

Current applications range from employee attitude, service quality, financial planning, and corporate strategic planning to specific client/customer inquires or general data collection.

The deliverable includes detail data tabulations with up to one 16-point banner and the topline report with key observations noted. The response data file can also be provided in a variety of formats. Creative Research System's Survey System is the application software.



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