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Friends from Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties and beyond: Do you pass "routinely" through Redlands on your travels?
Make Us a “regular” stop!  (Open 7 Days)
Mere blocks from Historic Downtown
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Unique and just minutes off of Interstate 10!


Today's featured area at Star Tulip Stuffies is:

The Barnyard

Small domestic livestock like Chickens, Pigs, Lambs, Bunnies, Rats, Mice and Guinea Pigs are happy to have a nice dry "Barn" to hang out in during weather like we are having!


Whenever school is in session--and there are reports to be written and presentations to be made--we want to remind teachers, home-schoolers and students alike what great visual aids our beautiful realistic plush representing animals from habitats from all over our planet can be! (If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much greater impact will an accurate three-dimensional depiction have?) We have a HUGE selection of stuffed animals for under $20, including tax (closer to $15 with our DISCOUNT COUPON in the Redlands Coupons Monthly available inside our shop!), that could serve as goal-rewards for achievements (for both school and extracurricular activities) while reinforcing knowledge about Nature, too! 

Remember, most of our realistic plush comes from the same sources that supply your favorite Zoo, Aquarium and/or National Park Gift Shops (save the drive and shop local!), probably at equal or significantly better prices--and we may even have a more varied selection!

Every once in a while we realize that we actually almost never think of most of our plush pieces as "toys" (we have noticed ourselves almost cringing at the term on occasion) per se (even though they may be quite adorable!), so much as quality soft-sculptured decor and/or comfort items items. We especially appreciate them as functional tools of learning about the diversity, complexity and beauty of Nature! Come see them for yourself--you might just find that you completely agree...!

It is hard to believe that Star Tulip Stuffies, House of Fine Stuffed Animals has been open for over four years home again in Redlands, CA (we started here back in 2003 in the now-defunct old downtown Redlands Mall)!

We have lived and worked and been your neighbors in this area for more than 40 years! Star Tulip Stuffies was originally opened as a storefront in the Redlands Mall back in 2003. Since then a growing following of stuffed animal aficionados has managed to find, support and spread the word about us.

From the very beginning our intent has been to bring our customers the very best selection of the finest quality plush creatures we can find while keeping our prices as rational as we can. 

We are all about choices; we like nothing better than to present several different companies’ version of the same animal because we have found that every designer will have a different take on that same critter. Thus, if you visit us, which we certainly hope to make you curious enough to do, you should not be surprised to find that, not only do we have an “unusual” creature, say a porcupine or an opossum, rendered in plush, but that we also will likely have four or five or even more styles from as many different manufacturers (with accompanying differences in sizes and prices!) of that individual kind of animal! This also means that while you will find respected and familiar names like Gund, Ganz, Douglas Cuddle Toy, Fiesta Toys, Aurora, Wild Republic, etc. on many of our products, we make a point of searching out quality companies less well known, especially in California, that you may only brush up against on a trip to the zoo or aquarium (we really love the educational kick provided by those extremely realistic representations!) or while traveling east of the Rocky Mountains (many retailers are simply unwilling to stand the cost of shipping some of these…)--or that are just outrageously esoteric (we have plush germs--in Petri dishes, no less--by GiantMicrobes and body parts--if I only had a brain--from I [Heart] Guts!

Our selection is so diverse (we are simply stuffed with “stuff”, but then “stuff” is what we do!) in order to keep track of everything we have resorted to arrangement by habitat! When you visit (by now you know you have to if you can…) you will eventually notice that our entire shop is suggestive of the interior and exterior of a gigantic fantastic playhouse or dollhouse. “Inside” live our baby and kid “stuff”: scrumptious baby rugs, soft activity sets, fabric dollies, authentic Raggedy Ann and Andy, Sesame Street characters, etc. Also living the pampered “indoor” life are plush Cats, Teddy Bears and bears honoring Occupations and Sports (no professional teams, unfortunately), Family members and life milestones like Birthdays, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings, etc. “Outside” you will find our rather extensive collection of realistic Dog Breeds (this is a personal favorite category of ours, so if someone makes a decent version of a specific breed, we will try to have it for you!), Barnyard Animals, Horses, Frog and Turtle ponds, Forest critters, Desert animals, Birds, and creatures of Central and South America, Australia, Africa and Asia as well as an area devoted to Ocean life! There is even a section “inhabited” by the fantasmagorical creatures of the imagination including dragons, faeries, unicorns and the like!


About Our Name: The “Star Tulip” part of our name alludes to our other life as occasional botanists! “Star tulips” are members of a rather large genus, Calochortus, meaning “beautiful grass”, of native Californian lilies that includes species with enchanting common names like “butterfly” or “mariposa tulips” and “faerie lanterns”. The butterfly tulips have large goblet-shaped tulip-style flowers, often marked with spots and bobbing in the breeze above their cohabitating grasses like the insects they appear to mimic. The more diminutive faerie lanterns have closed flowers on slender overarched stems and could easily be imagined to light the nighttime activities of elfin woodland inhabitants. Our tiny namesakes open fully wide and close to the ground as if they were stars scattered across the forest floor! The alliteration of “Star Tulip” and “Stuffies” was just too tempting to pass up!