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330 Sixth Street, Suite 101

Mon. thru Wed. 10 AM -- 6 PM
Thursday  2 PM -- 8 PM
Sat.  10 AM -- 6 PM
Sun.  11 AM -- 5 PM

We are the most intriguing biggest little stuffed animal shop in Southern California (also featuring Decorative House and Garden Flags for the home--and NOW also featuring Designer Scarves for your wardrobe)!

Extremely easy access from Interstate 10 in Redlands between San Bernardino and Palm Springs!
(see map on "About Us" page...)

Open 7 days a week! 

Today is Thursday, October 19, 2017

We are OPEN until 8 PM in Suite 101 in the Redlands Plaza at 330 6th Street in Downtown Redlands!

Reminder: We opened "late" today so we can be here for most of Market Night tonight! We close about an hour before the State Street vendors pack up to leave, so be sure to check in with us before 8 PM, especially if you park in our lot (plenty of space after 5 PM--and just a short walk to State Street from here) and wander over to Market Night! We may be closed by the time you get back!

Halloween "Stuff", including a rapidly disappearing selection of Halloween Decorative Flags is now appearing on our shelves!
And we are in the midst of taking entries with any (no minimum) purchase to qualify to WIN our upcoming Customer Appreciation"Fall Harvest Fun"Gift Basket Drawing!

You can also use our October (or any other of our) DISCOUNT COUPON(s) to receive money off any total purchase over $12!

We are SO embarrassed!
Caden's Mom just asked us if we could take phone orders, for example, from out-of-town supporters of his Christmas Teddy Bear Collection Drive for Loma Linda University's Children's Hospital--and we said we were not 
equipped to do so. We COMPLETELY FORGOT that YES, we CAN take out-of-shop orders--we can invoice by email through Paypal (we set up a business account years ago when we experimented very briefly with a limited selection of items at an online "store"--never got any orders so forgot we even have the account... duh)!

We REALLY like Paypal because it is free for customers to use, you don't have to set up an ongoing account (use as a "Guest"), you submit your credit/debit card payment information directly to them and they process into our account and we NEVER even see your card info (nice firewall for customers concerned about potential fraud)! As soon as Paypal confirms your payment to us (it's almost instantaneous--and they send you a confirmation/receipt), we grab a "
Dean" Teddy Bear and place it in Caden's Collection Box for you!
(In theory, we could do this kind of payment for any purchase, but the customer would be responsible for shipping costs if whatever is purchased needs to be sent somewhere...)

If you happen to be in our Shop and spend $20 or more on any of our regular store merchandise, not only will you receive our COUPON DISCOUNT, but you can add a Teddy Bear that normally sells for $18 to Caden Henderson's Christmas Teddy Bear Drive for Loma Linda University's Children's Hospital Collection Box for just $10 (you can add one directly to Caden's Box for just $12 without an additional purchase)!

The October DISCOUNT COUPON (this one features a dippy lavender Spider and some Jack 'o' Lanterns for Halloween) is available for you to use NOW! New issues of the Redlands Coupons Monthly have arrived in store--and we managed to get ours submitted in time to make it in there this time! So if you want to grab a copy before they are even mailed (we'll happily honor our coupon without you even tearing it out--but there are TONS of other discounts for local businesses in there you might want to take advantage of) and start saving money immediately come on over!

We know we'll soon be peeking past even Halloween at Thanksgiving  and (eeeek!) even Christmas! Some of our wisest visitors are already scoping out gift ideas for those eventualities--and we have to agree it's probably not really too soon! So why not become one of those savvy shoppers too and 
take advantage of our current DISCOUNTS while you're getting a jump on those Fall and Winter celebration preparations! 

Every once and awhile one of you comments on how much you enjoy our background music here in the shop (it's so lovely we've even had folks notice "our" tunes during a phone conversation and comment or inquire!)--because it is tranquil and soothing! The CD's we almost always play are from a very talented local Piano Tuner, Greg Schultz--who composed and performs all the works on each CD! We are very pleased to tell you that Greg dropped a few of his CDs by the Shop recently, so now you, too, can enjoy his beautiful Nature-inspired compositions! Ask at the check-out counter--they are just $15 each, including tax--and we play them until they just about disintegrate! 

Do remember to check out our gift choices before you do all of your shopping at big-box and department stores with the cookie-cutter selections! We, like all of our Downtown small business colleagues, go out of our way to bring you things you just won't find in the "usual" places! Find unique gifts (holiday and year-long) for the most special friends and family members in your lives by shopping local!

Note: If you saw something on this site a day or more ago and find it is no longer here (or it appears this site has not been updated daily--we occasionally have issues with Earthlink's usually reliable site builder!), check our Facebook address (link above)--there is more "space" there to leave things up longer (and it usually works when the website is not available to us for editing), so we try to do that in case anyone missed something here!


We are getting ready to help out one of our young customers who wants to "give back" thanks for care he received during a recent stay at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. Caden Henderson is fine now--and he is about to embark on a drive to collect a LOT of Teddy Bears to give to kids who are at the Hospital for Christmas!
We are happy to assist and have just procured a shipment of special Teddy Bears we plan to offer at a nice discount to anyone who buys them to add to Caden's collection! Watch for details!


THIS is "Dean", the 10" Teddy Bear that Caden Henderson chose for us to offer at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE for his Teddy Bear Drive! Dean normally sells for $18, including tax, before any of our regular discounts, the best of which would be about $2 off, so usually the lowest price for Dean would be $16. HOWEVER, IF you buy him and put him directly into Caden's Collection Box we will charge ONLY $12, including tax (Dean is still the regular price if he goes home with you) AND we will deduct an additional $2 from Dean's special price if you spend $20 or more on ANYTHING ELSE at the same time in our Shop (we WILL apply any coupon discount to regular-priced "stuff", too)! We are happy to provide this "incentive" for you to help Caden reach his goal of 250 Teddy Bears for kids at Loma Linda Children's Hospital by Christmas!


We don't have the Basket and have not figured out what "Stuff" for Fall to put in it--yet! But we DO have entry forms for you to fill out and we're accepting them now!


Halloween "Stuff" is now appearing on our shelves (Decorative Flags, too, on our Flag Wall)...!


Speaking of displaying a Jack 'o' Lantern, would you like to stabilize one with a less than level bottom or just get it a few inches above the rest of the surrounding Halloween decorations, while adding a bit more spidery "interest" to your scene? This cast metal Jack 'o' Lantern "tripod" is designed precisely for such a purpose with a nice pointy spike centered in its tray to secure your pumpkin artwork! You can use it year after year to keep your "Jack" from rolling away... (a "wandering" pumpkin face WOULD be creepy)!



Did we mention that Halloween Flags are up?

Here are a few examples!


Fall Decorative Flags have made their way onto our Flag Wall and display rack! Autumn is one of our very favorite times of the year and as such it always inspires us to stock way too many choices of Flags for this season!

It's APPLE time (already!) in Oak Glen--so we MUST HAVE a great selection of Decorative Flags to honor the season! If you're not quite prepared to display a Flag with pumpkins and other late harvest fruit, we think one of these Apple Flags would be perfectly timely and beautiful at your house for the next month or two!


However, if you are ready for Pumpkin Flags, we have those. too!


Even MORE Fall Decorative Flags to choose from--told you we got carried away when we ordered...!


ON SALE NOW! Old-style, un-carded Charm-It charms HALF OFF the going price! Ask us to get them out for you to look at!
(We like some of these better than the new styles...!)

More styles just added 9-9-2017!!



We HAVE CHANGED our Store Hours!

(In order to accommodate Kathy's need to visit her Mom where she now resides at a long-term care facility in Pomona[!]--and to enable us to be OPEN during some hours on Market Nights)



THIS is the DISCOUNT COUPON that NOW appearing inside the October issues of the Redlands Coupons MonthlyHighland Coupons Monthly, and Yucaipa Coupons Monthly!

Many of these are delivered right to houses in these areas, but if you don't happen to receive one on your doorstep, never fear! We just received a  stack of them in store, so pick one up when you visit and take advantage of all the cool deals inside!



New (awesome-cute) styles of Jungle and Safari animals just in from Aurora!


 Here are close-up images of all the pretty Gund Unicorns just arrived, including the 18" Winged Unicorn with Rainbow mane and tail that is ANIMATED to make a variety of magical sounds while tiny lights flash inside its wings whenever you stroke its back! Each of the four styles of Mini-Unicorns makes its own special magic sound when squeezed, too, but the Winged one has several different sounds it will play in succession! 





This is the amazing array of realistic plush creatures from so many world-wide habitats received in our most recent shipment from Wild Republic!

To find information and (usually adorable) photos of babies of many of these and many more wild animals born in zoos around the planet, wander around this Link:

Baby Zoo Animals and Info!



We have a MUCH nicer display area at our NEW location for Dane's beautiful landscape photography! It's just past our Decorative Flag area, to your right as you come in!


Hansa'sPortraits in Nature”, absolutely beautiful, highly realistic plush animals have returned to Star Tulip Stuffies!!

This is their River Otter—he is NOT taxidermy (better—his gorgeous synthetic fur will not degrade!), but we do half expect him to give a shake and spray water from his wet-looking coat all over!

We have lots more exquisite Hansa pieces in store--come take a look

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