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We are the most intriguing biggest little stuffed animal shop in Southern California (also featuring Decorative House and Garden Flags for the home--and NOW also featuring Designer Scarves for your wardrobe)!

Extremely easy access from Interstate 10 in Redlands between San Bernardino and Palm Springs!
(see map on "About Us" page...)

Open 7 days a week! 

Today is Monday, February 18, 2019

We are OPEN until 6 PM 
in Suite 101 in the Redlands Plaza at 330 6th Street in Downtown Redlands!

It's President's Day--and it's NOT raining!!!

If you have cabin fever from holing up indoors during the rain the last few days, TODAY would be a great day to get outside--although you may want a jacket as our temperatures are reflecting the fact that we ARE still in the middle of Winter! If you happen to have shopping needs we can help with, do visit today because we also will be going outside tomorrow--in search of wildflowers popping up like crazy all over in our low deserts! We will be back to regular business hours on Wednesday, but so will the rain also be returning for another round, so it may be a good idea to take advantage of today's "window of opportunity" to pay us a visit while the sun shines! We're OPEN and here until 6 PM TODAY, but CLOSED TOMORROW.

 "Emergency Wildflower Closures"
All of this rain and mild temperatures have led to an early start to this year's Wildflower season! Our own reconnaissance has confirmed that blooming has already begun in the low desert! We are already experiencing more symptoms of Botanical Wildflower Cravings--and will be forced to close (usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday--check our Facebook Page or right here for pertinent notifications...) for  (potentially many?) individual days (usually no more than once every couple of weeks) of "treatment" in the coming weeks!

Thank you for allowing us one such day on Feb. 12 to check out what is a VERY early beginning of the wildflower season. Although we got out rather late then due to plumbing issues and were not able to cover as much territory as planned, we got enough of a taste to realize we have to try again! Therefore, while we are OPEN on MondayPresident's DayFebruary 18, in keeping with the above alert, WE WILL BE CLOSED the day afterwards, TuesdayFebruary 19, to take another run, hopefully with an earlier start, at what is shaping up to become a spectacular wildflower season in our low deserts! We will resume regular business hours on Wednesday, February 20! We apologize (sort of--we just wish you could join us!) for any inconvenience and promise to share pictures of what we find!

You can SAVE MONEY with our DISCOUNT COUPON found inside the Redlands Coupons Monthly in the stack just inside our front door--or just mention it and we'll happily honor it! While it may have a Valentine look about it, there is no expiration date, so you can use it until the next one publishes in March!

We still have a few Gift-with-Purchase Customer Rewards featuring a cute Plush Penguin, a semi-precious stone Heart Necklace and a Penguin Egg toy you can "hatch" by soaking for a couple of days in water, that you can easily earn by spending just $35 BEFORE we apply any discounts--(remember that you get $5 OFF any total purchase of $30 or more)--but only while supplies last!

More information about our FREE PBS Nature Video Program Series:

From the moment we placed our very first plush wild animal on on the shelves of our kiosk almost 20 years ago in the old Redlands Mall, long before we were even consciously aware this was to be the case, the core mission of our business became to honor Nature. From this very beginning we have chosen to concentrate on presenting a large array of stuffed animals realistically rendered, true to the forms and characters of the actual creature they are intended to represent. Our goal was then and continues to be to provide an underlying educational value alongside the usual positive visual, tactile and comfort values inherent in well-designed and artistically executed stuffed animals. Our ongoing hope is that we can thus contribute to greater curiosity, a raised awareness and thus better understanding of the natural world in which we have no choice but to live. Our fondest desire is that these things will in turn lead to a greater sense of concern and responsibility for us all to become the best advocates and stewards we can for Nature.

We always make a concerted effort to choose honorable and responsible suppliers, many of whom already give back with strong and committed support of various environmental and conservation causes. Lately we have wondered what we could do to be more proactive in our own efforts toward these ends. We think we might have finally found something that you can participate with us in this endeavor! You can join us with very little effort required on your part, but with a potentially big return in fascinating knowledge!

Scroll on down (not very far...) to find out more about this month's video....!

Do you have an established or b
udding Naturalist in your family or circle of friends? Should you ever be in need of a gift for said nature-lover, we want to remind you all that, while our plush is cute and huggable, most of it is far more than mere toys! Our realistic and highly detailed stuffed animals come from exactly the same suppliers who help stock the gift shops at Zoos, Museums, Aquaria, National and State Parks and Monuments (except that we have a huge selection all in one place that you might otherwise have to search several such venues to find)! Many are artistically lovely enough to display as home decor as well as to appreciate for their tactile and visual comfort value! If you've never visited our shop, the need for a unique gift that reinforces an interest in and appreciation for Nature (and maybe even serves as a concrete reminder of an awesome family experience visiting any institution 
dedicated to this end
--or even the great outdoors itself) could just be your perfect excuse to come check us out--we promise you will be amazed!

Do remember to check out our gift choices before you do all of your shopping at big-box and department stores with the cookie-cutter selections! We, like all of our Downtown small business colleagues, go out of our way to bring you things you just won't find in the "usual" places! Find unique gifts (holiday and year-long) for the most special friends and family members in your lives by shopping local!

Note: If you saw something on this site a day or more ago and find it is no longer here (or it appears this site has not been updated daily--we occasionally have issues with Earthlink's usually reliable site builder!), check our Facebook address (link above)--there is more "space" there to leave things up longer (and it usually works when the website is not available to us for editing), so we try to do that in case anyone missed something here!


As we entered Anza Borrego Desert State Park from the Salton Sea side on State Route 22, we (and quite a number of additional wildflower seekers!) encountered a ton of wildflowers tumbling down the slopes and into the washy areas!

Perityle, AKA "Rock Daisy" has charmingly petite, compact and rather distinctively proportioned perfect little daisy-style flowers and probably earned its common name for its habit of sprouting under the overhangs of large rocks, boulders and wash embankments, then ranging about over and around them! "Cute" happens a lot with small native desert flowers!


It may still be winter-cold, but our window is red-hot for LOVE...!


You can now earn this sweet little Valentine Customer Reward when you spend $35 or more (and that's BEFORE we deduct any COUPON DISCOUNTS)!


Next holiday up to celebrate: Saint Patrick's Day!

Dress your house for the occasion with one (or more) of our cool Saint Patrick's Day Decorative Flags now available in store!

As we begin 2019 we are launching a new FREE Program as our gift to you for the New Year and beyond. We hope it will appeal to any and all nature-lovers, but we think it may have special value to parents who home-school and/or who want to encourage and support an interest in natural science in your children, grandchildren and even their friends!

Our plan is to choose a particular animal or related group of animals to investigate a little deeper each month and provide some direct support for their care and conservation.

The way we will at least begin to accomplish this is to provide FREE screenings throughout the month of a video about our selected Animal(s) of the Month. Each video will be sourced from the Public Television “Nature” series collection. We will be supporting Public Television as well by outright purchasing for our Shop the Educator versions of each video; these have limited license permissions to share viewings that prohibit charging any kind of fee to watch, even if we wanted to do so, which we never will!

We will initially be scheduling a showing on each Saturday and Sunday of the month, but we will be happy to add additional viewing opportunities by request/appointment during our regular business hours. Most of these videos run about an hour in length.

ALL ages are welcome and encouraged to attend, but we ask that children younger than 15 years of age be accompanied by an adult. These videos are in fact generally rated “Adult/College” interest level, so we expect adults to be as enthralled as children will be to watch (we certainly are!) and hope parents/guardians will enjoy sharing the experience and talking about the cool content with their young charges!

In conjunction with the monthly “Nature” video showings, we will be providing an enhanced selection in store for purchase of plush versions of each month's special animal! Star Tulip Stuffies will donate 10% of our sales of those items during the month they are featured to an appropriate institution involved in protecting/preserving the Animal(s) of the Month!

And now, without further ado, here is the Announcement for the featured Video and Animal of the Month for February 2019:



Our plush Owls can hardly wait for this video to begin!


Since seating in our shop is somewhat limited, especially since we don't know what your response rate will be, we're initially asking that you call or email us ahead (first contact, first seats held) to schedule one or more reservation. You are welcome to watch any video more than once.


THIS is the DISCOUNT COUPON that is now appearing inside the January issues of the Redlands Coupons Monthly and Highland Coupons Monthly!

Coming soon to a mailbox near you, but we already HAVE them, hot off of the press, in store NOW!

Many of these are delivered right to houses in these areas, but if you don't happen to receive one on your doorstep, never fear! We have a stack of them in store, so pick one up when you visit and take advantage of all the cool deals inside!



 All THREE boxes full of glorious Douglas Cuddle Toy plush are unpacked and one of each piece has found a home one our shelves! 


Nice BIG (around 2' long!) fish from Wild Republic! A Bamboo Shark, a (spotted more than striped!) Zebra Shark and a wonderfully detailed Whale Shark, plus a great Humpback Whale there in the middle of the sharks!


First and Main does a wildly different take (we LOVE variety and lots of choices!) on their cute, chubby little Ponies from those by Douglas and they are so cuddly and adorable we simply had to add some to our stable!


Here is a tempting recap of all of the NEW "Stuff" just in from Ganz! Almost all of these are brand new additions to their luxury plush Heritage Collection featuring lovingly designed and executed realistic stuffed animals! VERY NICE!



We are SO excited to have just received our VERY FIRST shipment from Bocchetta Plush direct from Queensland, Australia--complete with customs documents affixed to the boxes! 

Although from Italian origins, now that Bocchetta Plush has been based in Australia for around 15 years, we would expect them to be quite expert at designing and producing plush versions of animals that inhabit their adopted home--and well they do as you can see from the examples we chose, including a few representing some (actual, real) Aussie fauna we had never heard of before! How cool is that!


Equally if not more impressive is the artistry with which the designers at Bocchetta have rendered certain specific breeds of Cats and Dogs, some that are unavailable to us from US vendors! We are pleased to present these initial offerings from both collections! We look forward to adding additional styles in the future!





Why not try our NEW SERVICE for your next event with an animal (real or imagined) motif?

We do ask that you allow us at least 4-6 weeks ahead of your event to work with you for these functional reasons imposed by the space-time continuum of the Universe:

--In almost all cases we will need to special-order the contents of your goodie bags (In the interest of diversity, we seldom if ever keep more than a few pieces of any style of item on hand and almost certainly would not have desirable coordinating gift items already in store.)

--There are a LOT of available choices to mix and match among our many suppliers and you will want time to explore and think about exactly what you want once you see some possibilities!

--We always check stock with our suppliers to be sure they can ship what you select in a timely fashion and to allow you to decide among alternatives, if not.

--It can take up to two weeks for items to arrive once we place an actual order from some of our best vendors, many of whom are on the east coast—and at least a few days for us to assemble your favors.



Here are some examples of the amazing array of realistic plush creatures from so many world-wide habitats from Wild Republic!

To find information and (usually adorable) photos of babies of many of these and many more wild animals born in zoos around the planet, wander around this Link:

Baby Zoo Animals and Info!



We have a MUCH nicer display area at our NEW location for Dane's beautiful landscape photography! It's just past our Decorative Flag area, to your right as you come in!


Hansa'sPortraits in Nature”, absolutely beautiful, highly realistic plush animals have returned to Star Tulip Stuffies!!

This is their River Otter—he is NOT taxidermy (better—his gorgeous synthetic fur will not degrade!), but we do half expect him to give a shake and spray water from his wet-looking coat all over!

We have lots more exquisite Hansa pieces in store--come take a look

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Thank You!


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