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We are the most intriguing biggest little stuffed animal shop in Southern California (also featuring Decorative House and Garden Flags for the home--and NOW also featuring Designer Scarves for your wardrobe)!

Extremely easy access from Interstate 10 in Redlands between San Bernardino and Palm Springs!
(see map on "About Us" page...)

Open 7 days a week! 

Today is Friday, August 18, 2017

We are OPEN until 6 PM in Suite 101 in the Redlands Plaza at 330 6th Street in Downtown Redlands!

Fall Decorative Flags have made it onto our Flag Wall and display rack and are now available for your shopping enjoyment!

Autumn is one of our favorite seasons and this brief taste of Fall temperatures really has made us look forward to it! Although we won't be changing the Summer Fruit in our display window out for pumpkins just yet, you most certainly can come in and pick out a Flag featuring some and/or additional colorful Autumn icons to soon greet your guests and passersby your home!

Before we officially get to the end of Summer, remember you can still participate in our August Celebration of Dinosaurs by entering once a day per customer with any purchase to WIN our "Dinosaur Daze" $200 Customer Appreciation Gift Basket Drawing, earning a Dinosaur Gift-with-Purchase Customer Reward and/or joining us for one of our Color and/or Excavate Dinosaurs Workshops in a couple of weeks!

We know we'll soon be peeking past Summer at Halloween, Thanksgiving  and (eeeek!) even Christmas! Some of our wisest visitors are already scoping out gift ideas for those eventualities--and we have to agree it's probably not really too soon! So why not become one of those savvy shoppers too and 
take advantage of our August celebration of Dinosaurs while you're getting a jump on those Fall and Winter celebration preparations! 

As you know we've been cleaning out and reorganizing our storage areas--and we just found a TREASURE-TROVE of original, old-style (with the rhinestones!) CHARM-It charms! These were designed to be displayed in compartmented trays like in a fishing tackle box and do not have the cute cards for hanging on our regular rack so we have spread out a selection of them on a plate inside the Charm-It "Phone Booth" for you to look though! It may take a few minutes to find your favorites--but at ONLY $3 each (that's HALF OFF the new charm style price, but no further discounts off of this SALE price!) it just might be worth a look...! Just ask us if you want to check these out!

Our next Activity Workshops are not scheduled for a few weeks--so our SALE Table is back!  we've been seriously "inventorying" a LOT of our Shop decor and fixtures stored from times when we had so much more space to fill (nice things we simply no longer have room for)! New items from our "collection" have just found their way onto our SALE Table as others have already been snatched up! Be sure to check there next time you visit--you might find a treasure or two we would be happy to share!

 We offering a NEW Dinosaur Gift-with-Purchase Customer Reward to coincide with our "Dinosaur Daze" Customer Appreciation Gift Basket we have been taking entries for and will be awarding to a WINNER at the end of this month! 

We're pretty sure a number of budding archaeologists out there were busy conducting vacation "explorations" with their families (which is awesome-cool) when we offered our Color and/or "Excavate" Dinosaur Workshops in July, so we're giving those who might have wanted to attend but missed out a couple of additional chances to participate in one in late August! Scroll down for dates and times and the deadline for preregistration for these!

The mini-excavation kits you will be able to work on are fast, easy and fun--and you also get to make a bit of a mess--and/or you can creatively color some interesting Dinos among the 18-pages of the Color and Go Dinosaur Coloring Book, including 10 marker pens, that is included in each Workshop! You also get a pretty fancy 14" Plush Dinosaur with exciting printed detail plus some additional Dinosaur Swag to take home! At just $35 per participant, this package, worth just under $50 if the included items are purchased separately, is a pretty good deal, too! 

August has definitely taken on a Celebration-of-Things "Dinosaur" theme in honor of these astounding prehistoric creatures! We hope you will have a chance to join us as you head back to the classroom in not too many days and get back into the learning groove!

The AUGUST issue of the Redlands Coupons Monthly--with our DISCOUNT COUPON inside--just arrived in store (before it even hits the Post Office for delivery)! Coupons Monthlies containing said COUPON are delivered in Redlands, Highland and Yucaipa mailboxes, but if you do not receive one (want one "early") or need an extra one, stop by and pick one up from our stack now. 

Every once and awhile one of you comments on how much you enjoy our background music here in the shop (it's so lovely we've even had folks notice "our" tunes during a phone conversation and comment or inquire!)--because it is tranquil and soothing! The CD's we almost always play are from a very talented local Piano Tuner, Greg Schultz--who composed and performs all the works on each CD! We are very pleased to tell you that Greg dropped a few of his CDs by the Shop recently, so now you, too, can enjoy his beautiful Nature-inspired compositions! Ask at the check-out counter--they are just $15 each, including tax--and we play them until they just about disintegrate! 

Do remember to check out our gift choices before you do all of your shopping at big-box and department stores with the cookie-cutter selections! We, like all of our Downtown small business colleagues, go out of our way to bring you things you just won't find in the "usual" places! Find unique gifts (holiday and year-long) for the most special friends and family members in your lives by shopping local!

Note: If you saw something on this site a day or more ago and find it is no longer here (or it appears this site has not been updated daily--we occasionally have issues with Earthlink's usually reliable site builder!), check our Facebook address (link above)--there is more "space" there to leave things up longer (and it usually works when the website is not available to us for editing), so we try to do that in case anyone missed something here!


Fall Decorative Flags have made their way onto our Flag Wall and display rack! Autumn is one of our very favorite times of the year and as such it always inspires us to stock way too many choices of Flags for this season!

Here's a VERY handsome, luxe-quality applique Flag also featuring Pumpkins! These are embellished with braided rope tendrils and felt stems and are accompanied by with stitch-outlined felt Leaves in hues of Autumn. Fancy embroidery defines the ribs of both the pumpkins and the leaves and matching stitched felt lettering composes the "Happy Harvest" Greeting! A lovely, richly dimensional composition of Fall colors and textures to distinguish your home!


ON SALE NOW! Old-style, un-carded Charm-It charms HALF OFF the going price! Ask us to get them out for you to look at!
(We like some of these better than the new styles...!)


We're FINALLY cleaning out and reorganizing our Shop storage at Kathy's Mom's house! So watch for new items (we're rediscovering many "treasures", including fixtures and decor we have no space for within the current, more "efficient" footprint of our Shop!) coming--and going--on our SALE Table! NEW items added 8-14-17!



We HAVE CHANGED our Store Hours!

(In order to accommodate Kathy's need to visit her Mom where she now resides at a long-term care facility in Pomona[!]--and to enable us to be OPEN during some hours on Market Nights)


We HOPE we are not alone in not wanting to give up Summer fruit for pumpkins quite yet (although we certain WOULD prefer Fall temperatures...!)! Obviously our Greeter Cheetah agrees!


Looks like those strawberries and raspberries in our window boxes and behind our picket fences have attracted some "Strawberry Critters" into our big display window that just happen to "match" our Greeter Cheetah! We love that lush red Summer Fruit! (Note from the reflections in the window that cars actually have space to park right next to us!)


Did you miss your chance to attend one of our Color and/or "Excavate" Dinosaur Workshops while you were "busy" with Summer Vacation in July? Well, here's your chance to to make it to one later this month!

Seating capacity inside our Shop is limited so we can accommodate only 6-8 people in attendance at each Workshop. If these two Workshops fill up and more people want to participate, we will schedule additional Workshops.

Children must be at least 4 years of age to attend and those 6 years of age or under must be accompanied by an Adult. Adult does not have to participate in actual coloring or “excavating”... 

Each Individual Cost of participation in one of our Dinosaur Workshops is $35.00 per person and includes an 18-page Dinosaur Color and Go Coloring Book with 10 Washable Markers and a Mini-Dinosaur Dig KIt from which you can “excavate” a miniature Dinosaur Skeleton. You may choose to work on one or both of these activities during our Workshops (The Dig Kits are rated for 6 years of age and up.) You will also receive a Dinosaur Hatch ‘em with an “egg” to take home and place in water to watch as a Baby Dinosaur “hatches” and “grows” over a couple of days--and a fabulous 12“-14” Plush Dinosaur to keep! Additional Dinosaur merchandise will be available to purchase separately.

Bottled water will provided but no other drinks or snacks will be allowed inside our store during Workshops, please.

Pre-registration and payment are required no later than 1 week before each Workshop so we can know how many will come and be sure we have enough materials for all. Children 6 years of age or less will not be allowed to participate in any Workshop without a supervising Adult in attendance. One Adult may supervise up up to 2 Children 4 - 6 years of age.) If a paid participant is unable to attend a Workshop they have registered and paid for, a credit for the amount paid will be given for a future workshop of their choosing or the participant may elect to pick up the materials they would have received during the missed Workshop to enjoy at home. No monetary refunds will be given.

We reserve the right to substitute Activity items of equal or greater value, depending on availablity.


Here's the NEW Gift-with-Purchase Customer Reward! Note that it, too, has a Dinosaur theme to coincide with our August celebration of these impressive prehistoric creatures!


And of course are taking entries NOW to qualify to WIN this "Dinosaur Daze" Customer Appreciation Gift Basket Drawing later this month!



We are still working our way through our storage areas--and just stumbled upon "treasure"--literally! We just unearthed our substantial stash of State Quarter Bears produced by Limited Treasures! 

Limited Treasures was (and still is) an important manufacturer of Collectible Bean-bag Bears, beginning on the coat-tails of the Ty Beanie Baby craze! However, Limited Treasures always had the goal of producing a higher-value line of items of collectible interest with some staying power. They made lines of highly sought-after licensed intricately printed plush featuring montage scenes from the career of Elvis Presley, the I Love Lucy TV series, Betty Boop and the works of Thomas Kinkade! Those have been out of production for quite some time--you have to dig around on auction sites to find them--if you can! Limited Treasures also became well-known for its collaboration with the US Mint to manufacture the State Quarter Bears to accompany the coins produced over a ten-year period, featuring a separate design front and back, for each American State. This was the ONLY company licensed to purchase uncirculated coins in this series from the Mint to be stitched one into the foot of each collectible State Bear they made, which they eventually did for all of our states! Limited Treasures also created printed collectible Bears for each of the Presidential Quarters subsequently minted by the US. In fact, Limited Treasures is STILL in the process of completing Bears for the ongoing production of the current series of quarters being created to honor the National Parks!

We established a wholesale account with Limited Treasures early on and have had examples of almost all of their collectible bears for sale in our shop. However, some years ago, Limited Treasures ceased selling to retailers and now markets directly through only about two online sites with 
authorization and access to sell their products. Since we are no longer able to resupply our offerings of these State Quarter bears--and we still have a BUNCH of them with nowhere to display them, we have decided to give them away to you our customers as gifts with purchase (not even a very big minimum to "earn" these) until they are all gone! Since they are basically FREE under these circumstances you won't get to choose what state any bear you thus receive will be--we won't either, since they will be "anonymously" bagged in opaque paper bags for distribution. You CAN still obtain almost any specific State Quarter Bear, among a lot of other Limited Treasures products online from DP Enterprises at the following link:

Limited Treasures Collectible Bears, etc. at DP Enterprises



Look for this DISCOUNT COUPON inside the August issues of the Redlands Coupons MonthlyHighland Coupons Monthly, and Yucaipa Coupons Monthly!

Many of these are delivered right to houses in these areas, but if you don't happen to receive one on your doorstep, never fear! We just received a  stack of them in store, so pick one up when you visit and take advantage of all the cool deals inside, including ours!


UPDATE (5-27-17) on the almost-grown Winkin' and Blinkin': Still at the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Sanctuary, "our" Great-horned owlets have acquired so much "company" (the Sanctuary has been absolutely inundated with rescue birds out there this spring!), Sanctuary Directory Linda is not immediately certain where they are in the mix at any given moment, so also not sure how each specifically is doing, but since nobody has been injured in their aviary the assumption is that all is still quite good! We have alerted Linda to the distinct possibility that the parent owls still on our property are working on a second set of owlets... If they are, new chicks could be hatched or about to hatch now or in the near future--and we SHOULD be able to confirm their existence (or not!) soon if/when they begin to yell about food! Some discussion is being entertained as to the advisability of releasing the first set of owlets into the immediate vicinity of potential new siblings--and the possible reactions of their parents. Winkin' and Blinkin' are OK at the Sanctuary for some time longer until we can assess our exact situation with the rest of their family--and we may become experimental hosts to an eventual "reunion", so stay tuned while we also stand by...!

UPDATE (5-4-17) on "our" Great-horned Owlets at the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Sanctuary:

We checked in with Sanctuary Directory Linda earlier today and she informs us that Winkin' and Blinkin', while still doing fine are still at the "nerdy teenager" stage of Great-horned Owlet development! Although they have full flight feathers on their wings and are beginning to lose the juvenile fluff on the rest of their bodies they have yet to take actual flight (OK for their age)--but are practicing flapping those all-important wings in anticipation of the day they finally can become airborne (at that point small rodents, a.k.a. "lunch", better beware)!




Here are Blinkin' and Winkin' secured in their travel carrier (top and middle images), ready for their journey to the Coachella Valley Bird Sanctuary in Indio yesterday! Winkin' (right) recently figured out it could pick up food offered by its caregiver perfectly fine all by itself if she presented it on the cage floor rather than stuffing it into its mouth, so it's become a bit snarky, hissing and snapping its beak, toward those annoying humans! Blinkin', who was handled more extensively for treatment of its ruptured eardrum is a tad more trusting and even seems to try to explain to Winkin' that the humans could at least be politely tolerated for awhile longer! They obviously still find great comfort huddling together!
Bottom image shows Sanctuary Linda banding probably Blinkin' for identification during its stay. Winkin' had to endure the same "indignity" once it was wrangled out of the carrier... Covering their faces during handling helps keep them calm, so all you can see here is curled feet!


Friday, April 14 Update: Didn't see--or hear--the adult Great-horned Owls at all yesterday or last evening, but by almost daylight this morning they were hooting about between each other in some big pine trees east of their former palm tree nest site--and by mid-morning they were both settled in to roost in that nearby eucalyptus tree...

Wednesday, April 12 Update: 
Here are Winkin' (in back) and Blinkin' (recovering very nicely from a ruptured eardrum and infection) after about a week and a half of Linda's (and J.B.'s) expert care--and LOTS of feeding! Apparently Blinkin' shows up at the front of the cage consistently whenever it thinks food might be offered, so Winkin' gets photo-bombed by its sibling much of the time! We're told these guys are immensely enjoying tasty treats including gophers, rats and, if they've been especially good, mice! It looks to us like they have nearly doubled in size since we dropped them off and have "graduated" to a bigger pet carrier!
Their parents back at "home" were quite active last night in the glow of a full moon! We heard them conversing animatedly in at big deodar cedar in one location around 9:15 PM and about an hour later they had moved to a neighbor's palm trees a couple of acres away and were still carrying on! Back in their eucalyptus "roosting" tree this morning looking to be peacefully dozing a little!

Friday Update: Linda tells us that Blinkin' is responding better than expected to treatment for its ruptured ear drum and infection (very good news), so both Owlets are continuing to make great progress under her special care! Meanwhile, we ourselves can report that both parent owls are still hanging around the nest area, but in adjoining trees. We're pretty sure they get that it is destroyed and that their owlets are MIA (they very likely saw us scoop up the survivors and we left the deceased one for them for a few hours to let them realize it had perished...). However, the adults continue to converse between themselves, almost as though they were still caring for their chicks together or even courting (it would be highly unusual for them to attempt a second family this late in the year, but we can always hope--especially that they may stay in the area and try again next year)!

Tuesday Update:
Here are Winkin' (in back) and Blinkin' in their new temporary digs at Raptor Rescuers Linda and B.J. Chalk's operation! Linda discovered that there was quite a load of gunk in Blinkin's left ear (dark area next to his eye in the image) that she cleaned up to reveal a ruptured eardrum. She is treating it with anti-fungal and antibiotic medicines and hopes that it may(?) be able to fully heal (fingers crossed and prayers floated--because owls need good hearing for balance and hunting)! We feel SO fortunate to have gotten these guys to a place where they are getting expert care!

Monday UPDATE: Linda assured us last evening that our little friends have become voracious rodent-eaters and are NOT shy about their demands to "Feed ME! Feed ME!"

UPDATE: It's Sunday, two days after we found and rescued these little guys--and Kathy's Mom's gardener just found the remains of their former nest among the palm frond debris on the ground ("their" tree is in her yard). We're looking into the possibility of somehow salvaging the nest for future (sooner or later) use....???

UPDATE: We checked in with the Raptor Rescuers Saturday morning and Linda gave us the very good news that both "Winkin'" (the larger one) and "Blinkin'" made it through the night and are starting to squeak demanding more food that Linda has been lovingly providing! She says it is very good that two siblings survived as they provide each other comfort and company inside the "Owl Incubator" (a nice big pet carrier with a heating pad and other necessary owl accoutrements); apparently saving single owlettes is a far greater challenge and individuals often don't do so well without much more intensive attention...

Back story:
The Great Horned Owl family that had taken up residence in a huge palm tree on our property did not fare so well in the winds of March 30-31! We weren't completely sure there was a whole family, but we saw a parent pair breeding back in late January and have been hearing their nighttime conversations consistently, so we were more than a little suspicious... As has been the case all over town, including here at our business location, those severe winds have been "pruning" dead palm leaves out of the tree-tops and we noticed an entirely cleared upper mid-segment of the trunk of this palm tree a couple of days before--and thought it had enlarged a bit by the morning of March 31. Our hopes (about there being owlets) and fears (about destruction of their nest) were confirmed that morning when three fluff-balls of little owls were found on the ground at the outskirts of the palm frond shrapnel! One was already gone, having probably sustained fatal injuries falling when the nest was simply disintegrated by the wind. But there were two survivors in pretty good condition (barring unseen internal injuries) who we obviously could not simply leave there on the ground (a little too young for the parents to continue to feed there), especially given our known cat and occasional coyote populations! Being neither competent bird handlers nor equipped to provide care for these little guys ourselves, we sought expert advice and received it from (who else?) Bracken Bird Farm here in Redlands! Thanks to their informed referrals we got ahold of a "retired" couple 
over in San Bernardino who are 
Owl and Raptor Rescue
pecialists! Having determined that these birds at maybe only a month or so old are too young for their watchful parents to rear on the ground and that there is no nest to return them to (even if we could have reached it without a cherry picker crane!) they advised us to scoop up the babies and deliver them to their facility where they can receive trained care. Interestingly, we have been advised that if we can ascertain that the parents remain in the area (we hope!), once the owlets are reared to an appropriate age and size (assuming success is enjoyed in that endeavor) a return to their birthplace for reintroduction into their parents' care may be possible for this particular breed of (Great Horned) Owl! We would love nothing better than for this to happen, so rest assured we will be keeping track of both the owlets' progress and the whereabouts of Mom and Dad meanwhile--and of course we will update you!


New (awesome-cute) styles of Jungle and Safari animals just in from Aurora!


 Here are close-up images of all the pretty Gund Unicorns just arrived, including the 18" Winged Unicorn with Rainbow mane and tail that is ANIMATED to make a variety of magical sounds while tiny lights flash inside its wings whenever you stroke its back! Each of the four styles of Mini-Unicorns makes its own special magic sound when squeezed, too, but the Winged one has several different sounds it will play in succession! 





This is the amazing array of realistic plush creatures from so many world-wide habitats received in our most recent shipment from Wild Republic!

To find information and (usually adorable) photos of babies of many of these and many more wild animals born in zoos around the planet, wander around this Link:

Baby Zoo Animals and Info!



We have a MUCH nicer display area at our NEW location for Dane's beautiful landscape photography! It's just past our Decorative Flag area, to your right as you come in!


Hansa'sPortraits in Nature”, absolutely beautiful, highly realistic plush animals have returned to Star Tulip Stuffies!!

This is their River Otter—he is NOT taxidermy (better—his gorgeous synthetic fur will not degrade!), but we do half expect him to give a shake and spray water from his wet-looking coat all over!

We have lots more exquisite Hansa pieces in store--come take a look

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