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Welcome to Star Town Gifts!
For the most unique and one of a kind gift baskets
on the web, featuring movies and TV shows
in chests and containers people WANT to use!
It's More Than A Gift,
It's An Experience!
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The Sky's The Limit!
Movies, books, whatever you can think of
can go into a GiftChest!


The Jimmy Christmas Chest
found on the Holiday Page!

Holiday Gifts


Gift Baskets in chests themed to a movie or TV show on DVD, a book or other idea! Your imagination is the limit! We will be happy to help with any idea!

Johnny as Don Jaun on
the Romance Page!

Click here to go to the Romance page!


The Bird Cage Gift Chest found on the Comedy Page!

Click for a little funny business!


All of our Gift Chests are Professionally shrink-wrapped with a very clear film. This allows the recipient to clearly see everything for the maximum effect in presentation. We do not use the cheep cellophane that most gift baskets come wrapped in. This step is one that sets our gifts apart from the rest. Also, we do not use the cheep shredded paper as this just gets all over the place detracting from the presentation. We always use fabrics that are themed to the gift.

We are happy to build customized gift baskets for you at no extra charge! Below is one we made for someone who wanted a Hollywood themed DVD gift chest full of classic DVDs, movie candy & popcorn in popcorn tubs, and other Hollywood themed items for a friend:


Note: The above gift chest is not for sale, though we can customize this type or any other for you! This one was sent to a lucky recipient!

Simply Brilliant Ideas
for personal & Corporate
Gifts for every occasion!

Huntington Beach is the theme in this Beach Combers Basket!

Beach Boys are on the Classics page!


We will be happy to mail your gift to your lucky gift recipient, including a gift card! Just add the note to your payment, or email us right away with the name, address, occasion, and note for the card.

The Knife Throwing Lucy chest on the Classics Page!

Click here to go to the Classics Page!


Please get in touch if there is anything we can do for you!

You can e-mail us at:

It's more than a gift-
it's an experience!