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      OliverAt our first CFA show, Empire Cat Club's show, Champion Starrpawzs The First Edition (aka Oliver), decided to decorate his cage, as well as the judges with his handsome odor! His spray was carefully aimed and he rarely missed. Oliver was retired needing only 8 points to Grand, but enough is enough! Oliver, named because he is out of two shorthaired cats and was a first generation longhair, went on to final Best Allbreed Kitten at that show. His mother also finalled a Fifth Best Cat as a Champion.

      Sometimes, when males start calling or females want to be bred, their ears will perk up or out. The ears on females lift even more during the birth process, and they are rarely shown after having had a litter.

      Eskimo Pi

      Starrpawzs acquired new outcrosses one of which is GC/RW Birbop's Eskimo Pi of Starrpawzs. His daughter, GC Starrpawzs Blueberri Pi Ala Fold became Grand Champion at only nine months of age - with over 360 Grand Points. She is from his first litter. His second litter has a kitten that we are currently campigning. She has received Highest Scoring Kitten in Show awards and is being shown extensively.

      Eskimo Pi (above)

      Bluberri Pi Ala Fold (right)


      At the CFA International Show in Chicago in 1995

      Eskimo Pi GC/RW Birbop's Eskimo Pi of Starrpawzs was awarded Best of Breed
      GC Birbop's Painted Lady of Starrpawzs was awarded Second Best of Breed Painted Lady

      Jasmine A breaking point occurred when GC Starrpawzs The Accidental Tourist (aka Jasmine) was a Kitten. The day had finally come when we met up with Frank Roderick at a show in Syracuse. He judged Jasmine, and we felt a sense of accomplishment when she was called to the final. Frank gave her her award and as he held her for all to see, he smiled at her, pointed to her tail and said "Do you see this? Without this, you have nothing" We shed our tears, and Frank winked and said "Welcome to CFA".

      We've now bred and shown fourteen Grand Champions in CFA, nine of which have been Regional Winners and two have been National Winners! Visit our Show Winners for lots of photos.

      Visit Our Cattery | Our History | About Scottish Folds | Kittens
      Our Show Winners | Our National Stars

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