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      About Scottish Folds

      In 1961, a shepherd by the name of William Ross spotted the first Scottish Fold at Coupar, Angus, on a farm in the Tayside Region of Scotland.

      Scottish Fold BabiesOne day, on his way home, he noticed a white cat playing in a front yard. She had ears that were folded forward and downward. He thought of his wife's interest in cats, and asked the woman who lived on the farm, Mary Ross, if he could have one of the kittens from a litter from Susie, the first Scottish Fold. Her parents were barn cats, and the mother had been killed in a farm accident and nothing was known about the father. There was also another folded eared sibling along with Susie in the litter, but he had disappeared.

      The wonderful thing about Susie was that her ears folded forward and downward, and her huge eyes gave the impression of an owl-like face ... with a teddy bear coat. Susie was first bred in 1963, and produced Snooks, a White Female Scottish Fold. thus began the breed.

      Scottish Folds now come in every color except pointed (Siamese colors). Due to the fact that hybridization to certain breeds would introduce the pointed gene, CFA does not allow outcrosses to the Persian, Exotic or Himalayan breeds. Allowable outcrosses do include the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair. Starrpawzs has chosen to combine the best of the British Shorthair, as well as select American Shorthairs.

      Starrpawzs Scottish Folds are bred like racehorses..... with Regional and National winning cats behind them. They are available in both folded ear and with a straight ear.

      Scottish Fold BabiesWhen a Scottish Fold is born, the waiting process starts. The ears on all Scottish Folds do not fold. Between 13 and 23 days, those kittens that will have a folded ear start to develop a crimp in the pinna, and the ear begins to fold. Straight eared cats are just as beautiful, and are definitely valuable in a breeding program. They have the same wonderful pedigree and are fully registerable. They become a very valuable tool in a Scottish Fold breeding program, as one cannot breed a folded eared cat to another folded eared cat.

      There are also varying degrees of fold on a cats ears. Some are considered a loose eared cat, some have floppy ears, and others have airplane ears. The very tight folded eared cat, with a sound body, are those which are highly prized for the show ring.

      The temperaments on Scottish Folds are wonderful. They are very devoted companions. If you are looking for a cat that climbs the walls, this is not the breed for you.

      Scottish Folds are not very vocal. They have very tiny "meows". They are, however, quite smart. Starrpawzs cats can open doors with the best of them. They always await your entrance through a door. The breed is very good with children, and can adapt to almost any situation. The cats of Starrpawzs live amongst our feathered friends.


      It is a well-known fact that, at any given moment, one can hear Ivan, Che-Che, Hobie or Merlin talking to one of their special friends. There have been special relationships made amongst feathers and fur. Here's Ling-Ling, who was 22 in 1996, taught all of the cats in the household that it pays to be a goodwill ambassador, make friends and be good to all babies.

      Scottish Fold with Tonkinese

      Scottish Folds also make friends readily with other cats. In two weeks time, this Scottish Fold and Tonkinese went from war to best friends.

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