The Pleiades<<>>Earth connection is profound.

Where are our origins?  Some inquisitive people on planet Earth have gained knowledge of their stellar homes through vision quests or dreams, or various esoteric ways.  Numerous  indigenous peoples from all around the Earth, including the Maya,  speak about the Pleiades star cluster.  The Mayan Calendar is a cosmic mapping of the cycles of Earth, Sun, Moon, Venus and the Pleiades.  Perhaps the Mayan astronomers incarnated from the Pleiades to demonstrate the harmonious workings of our Milky Way galaxy?   In year 1475, the Supreme Maya Priestly Council announced that a calendar cycle of twice the K'ALTUN of 260 years ~ a 520 year period of darkness ~ needed to go by until mankind would again flourish. The landing of Columbus in 1492 had been foreseen.  The prophetic K'ALTUN calendar cycle is made up of 13 periods of 20 years each.  

     During the transition into the second of these K'ALTUN cycles, around the (conjectured) year 1735 , a special spirit emissary arrived on the Great Plains of north America. She came from the goddess realm to help the native peoples who'd suffered a forced migration from the east  as aggressive colonists intruded on their traditional agricultural lands.   Her visit was brief & focused.  Her intention was to prepare the people for both the dark times to come, as well as to promise the ending of that heavy cycle (now).   

    Meanwhile, the two~leggeds and other creatures out on the prairies  had often looked towards the Pleiades in the starry night sky.  A connection existed. Indian elders told legends to the children about the "Seven Sisters" star cluster.   The Pleiadian emissary was/is one of these "Seven Sisters" -- and apparently she held knowledge of the Mayan calendar cycles creating opportunity for changes at planet Earth.   The emissary needed a special place to make her landing on planet Earth.  Somehow, a perfect "portal" had been created!  This place has become known as Pipestone, situated out on the rolling prairies.
The star woman hovered over the herds of  buffalos as the shaggy ones relayed their cry for help. She took form as a buffalo to better communicate with them.(In a previous appearance she'd been HATHOR, the Egyptian water buffalo cow Goddess.)  


The oldest buffalo cow spoke to the visitor, "The two~leggeds that we buffalos care for are not respecting our gifts in a good way.  The hunters are preying on the buffalos in an aggressive manner and behaving arrogantly to the womyn who are becoming like servants to the men."  

The buffalo brought her to a sacred place
and  she took form as a woman! 

Pipestone, Minnesota



Beyond the fact that  huge boulders are never randomly seen out on the Great Plains, two of these huge stones are in a perfect north-south alignment.  Reminding of the Incan 'prophecy' which states "A time will come when the Condor of the south and the Eagle of the north fly together in the sky.  At this time, the Earth will awaken to a new age." North America & South America are joined in Central America which is the realm of Maya consciousness.   

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The old tree & huge stones spoke to her . . . .

These elementals showed the Pleiadian emissary that she could  create an instrument from the stone and the tree to help the suffering two~leggeds.  She visualized a sacred 'pipe'.  Aha! 
She walked around the site, where a bright red stone was growing in the Earth. . . .  Perfect for the bowl of the instrument ! 

a mystical & sacred site out on the vast prairies

 As the Pleiadian emissary listened, she devised a plan for helping the two~leggeds regain balance in their lives.  The Buffalos cooperated.  The people needed to be really shook up.  In one area where a particular tribe always hunted, she called the buffalos to all run away and hide.   Those people could find not one buffalo and they began to suffer.  Not only did they grow hungry, the season was late summer when they would normally be busily preparing for the long cold winter ahead.  The peoples' days were suddenly filled with idleness.  A crisis like this had never happened. . .


The instrument that she created is called the 'pipe of peace'.   The peoples' prayers became more tangible.  When the Pleiadian visitor showed it to the people, she pointed to a buffalo that was etched into the stone bowl, and explained to them:  "Each leg of the mythical buffalo stands for one great age in a long cycle of time for the Earth.  With the completion of each great age, the buffalo loses that leg.  First great age was the Stone Age, next the Bow Age, then the Fire Age.  The Pipe Age is now beginning!"
The elements of the first three ages were contained in the sacred pipe.  She explained that every year the mythical buffalo loses a hair & when it is totally bald, the final "Age of the Pipe" will be complete.  The buffalo will roll over and a whole new long cycle for Granmother Earth will begin.  The mystical visitor promised to return to help everyone transition through the 'Shift of the Ages'.  She became known as "White BUffalo Calf Woman", and her legend has been passed on for 19 generations.  

In certain Lakota circles she's called "Wo'ope", meaning the one who brings the sacred order of life; or "Whope'"  meaning shooting star, . . . thus reflecting her origins in the Pleaides.  (The late Robert Standing Bear said that whenever someone out beneath the night sky witnessed a shooting star, they would exclaim, "Wo'ope!  Wo'ope!". )   The popular Lakota legend told about "Falling Star",  may be influenced by White BUffalo Calf Woman?


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As suggested above, the mystical Buffalo Goddess showed up at the midpoint of the two K'ALTUN cycles which began in 1475 and completed in 1995  on the Spring Equinox..   Of extraordinary interest is the birth of a non~albino white buffalo calf on August 20th, 1994 -- only seven months before the ending of the prophetic 520 year long cycle that was extremely important to the Mayan priests!  A beautiful sign that the Pleiadian emissary ~ White BUffalo Calf Woman ~ is keeping her promise to return . . . .  

The Mayans have a total of  17 different calendars.  People all around the planet braced  themselves as news spread about the ending of the Mayan calendar on Winter Solstice, 2012.  In fact, the long count T'ZOLKIN calendar  ends a 5,261 cycle around this time.  In the Mayan calendric way, there is a period of transition between one cycle and the next.   Some elders say that the transition began with the Harmonic Convergence in August, 1987 and will complete sometime around 2015, as the 4th Sun is giving way to the 5th Sun.   According to the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman, as recounted by Black Elk, we are finishing the 4th and final Great Age in a long cycle of life for Mother Earth.  


"Imagination is the most powerful force available to humankind."  
~ The Pleiadians  


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