White BUffalo Calf Woman is now keeping her promise to return & assist humanity move into the next great age in the new cycle of life.  Approaching from the Pleiades, with a good view of planet Earth she exclaims, "Oh my Goddess!  Nineteen generations ago I brought that sacred pipe to help the people get their lives into balance.  How in the world did I miss this obvious great imbalance?  The whole planet Earth is tilted!  She looks ready to fall right over.  What caused this serious imbalance of planet Earth?"  
A few Egyptian Goddesses smile wisely.  They've been waiting thousands of years to discuss the answer to Buffalo Calf Woman's question .  . .
The time is 12,000 years ago.  Earth spins comfortably on her vertical axis that's suspended as if from a silken thread attached to the  geographic/magnetic north pole.  A special atmosphere covers Earth so that the Sun's heat directed at the equator spreads evenly to the polar regions. The climate of Earth is like perpetual Spring. Somehow, one day the wild hunter ~ gatherers  receive an inspiration to congregate into urban community.  This happens in the region of the Nile River. 
When the Goddesses & Gods overseeing Earth hear the news, they realize that the humans transitioning into a 'civilized' urban lifestyle will definitely need some close supervision &  divine intervention.

Thebes Entrance. Winged MAAT.
"House of Eternity" of Queen Nefertari, Valley of the Queens

In the beginning, there was MAAT.  This Goddess represents the sacred laws of truth and justice that keep life in harmonious balance.  (White BUffalo Calf Woman is also called "Wo'Ope", the one who brings the sacred order of life to the people.) MAAT is guardian of the afterlife.  When someone dies, MAAT removes the Ostrich plume from her headband.  In one hand she holds the feather, & in the other she holds the deceased person's heart.  If the heart is heavier than the feather, the person goes to the underworld with the terrible hippo-crocodile monster.  If the heart is lighter than MAAT's feather, the person moves on to play with the dieties.  The first law of MAAT says, "A light heart is a good heart."

The divine sacred order of MAAT is protected by the Sun Goddess, SEKHMET. 
 She has the head of a Lioness and a woman's body.

many sculptures & reliefs of the Sun Goddess still remain

The sacred order of MAAT is perpetuated & taught to the people by the divine couple, OSIRIS and ISIS. They are husband & wife as well as brother & sister.  The new urban culture is thriving until one fateful day.  OSIRIS & ISIS have a brother god named, SET.  He grows jealous of OSIRIS, who's been given such an important role.  Consumed by unbridled emotion, SET murders OSIRIS.  He cuts his brother's body into pieces which he then strews across the land. 
When the protectress Sun goddess, SEKHMET, learns of this violation of the sacred order, her protective instincts flareup.  This murder is unprecedented.  Never before has a god or a human taken the life of another.   Such an act was previously inconceivable.  Consequently, SEKHMET plays her role to teach a lesson in order to end such behaviour once and for all.  She flies into a rage.  Volcanoes spew fire and hot lava, earthquakes split the ground, and floods cover the Earth.  The taste of blood feeds Sekhmet's anger.  The Earth stops spinning, and the human survivors along the Nile suffer through perpetual daytime.
Eventually the earthlings devise a plan to calm the outraged Sun Goddess.  They mix fermented pomegranate juice with blood to intoxicate her.   The plan works and eventually the turmoil subsides.   (According to legend, SEKHMET at this point is transformed into the Sun Goddess, HATHOR, who brings love, music, beauty and kind-hearted maternal values to the future generations.)   

ISIS goes looking for the pieces of her dead husband.  She finds all but one of his body parts~ OSIRIS's penis. The Goddess is undaunted.  She molds a penis from gold, then fans life back into Osiris with her long wing feathers.  Soon, ISIS becomes pregnant.

ISIS Temple at Philae

ISIS gives birth to a son, whose name is HORUS.  He becomes known as the Falcon God, with the 'eye of the Sun'.  The name, HORUS, is significant.  It sounds like 'horizon'.  Since the event of SEKHMET's upheaval of the Earth, the Egyptian astronomers are having a terrible time.  Sun no longer rises & sets in the same place.  Now, Sun travels in a path north, then south along the horizons, creating shorter then longer days.  As well, the astronomers can no longer guage their calculations according to the circumpolar constellations, which are askew.  The SPHYNX is constructed to be a marker on the land, and also to placate SEKHMET.


"The Egyptian line of descent was through the mother, so it was shocking when a female goddess, SEKHMET, created catastrophes on Earth.  The sought-after order on Earth, MAAT, was lost, which was  a profound shattering.  The sacred balance & access to the stargate had to be found again, so the Dynasties were established to maintain order versus chaos by the Nile.  A Dynastic foundational ritual was the Djed Ceremony, which involved erecting a pillar to connect Earth & sky . . . . . .   


In the reliefs of Abydos Temple, the Pharoah or sometimes a neter, is shown holding a tilting pillar that's capped by four sections.  The Djed Pillar is depicted initially tilting about 20 to 25 degrees off vertical, the same as the tilt angle of Earth!

. . . . then it is erected to a vertical position, as if making Earth perpendicular to her orbital plane around the Sun.  MAAT needed to be reestablished after the axis tilted, because balance is essential for human happiess.  Notice that the 4 sections on the top of the Djed Pillar are ideal symbols for the equinoxes & solstices.  These 4 quarters of the solar year forced everyone to learn to live with Earth in a new way because agriculture was invented to deal with seasonality." (from Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand~Clow)  

The temple reliefs are beautiful murals to remind the people everyday of  MAAT's principle of right~alignment!

vertical axis attended by Egyptian holy people
White Buffalo Woman's sacred pipe symbolizes Earth's horizontal axis

Conclusion: 12,000 years ago, the powerful Sun Goddess, SEKHMET, responded dramatically when one God murdered his brother in an unprecedented act of violence.  Today, the violence on Earth has escalated to the level that even Earth, herself, is a victim of abuse, not to mention the genocide of innocent people.  If SEKHMET created an upheaval to teach that killing is totally unacceptable, what must this protective Goddess be contemplating now?   Along with certain Egyptian Goddesses as her allies,  White BUffalo Calf Woman returns to restore the Divine Feminine.  She's here with a cast of amazing characters who remember their more beautiful, peaceful life times on Earth.   


"Earth is above any human agenda.  If humans reach a point or if energies on the planetary surface reach  a point where they are disturbing the Sun~Earth~Moon~Venus symbiosis and harming Mother Earth, then we have cataclysms".   Barbara Handclow at the temple of Sekhmet in Egypt.

A contemporary  Egyptian advisor suggests that the North American goddess, White BUffalo Calf Woman, is a dynamic emanation of the Egyptian cow goddess, Hathor.  And Hathor,  according to many students of the goddess,  is an emanation of the Sun goddess, Sekhmet.  

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