Like all sentient beings, Mother Earth was created with a purpose to  fulfill.  Earth is designed to function as the sacred altar of this solar system.  She is exceptionally different from the other planets, and a truly beautiful garden where plant & animal species always thrived in a harmonious web of life.  Sacred altars of Buddhists & others are often adorned with flowers & crystals.   

Sun is also a sentient being with a devotion to nurturing life on Earth.  Sun is like a great grandparent or a protective mother hen.   Until relatively recently, the humans practiced a lifestyle that celebrated  the exquisite Earth~Sun relationship.  Moon is also a character in this dynamic, and so is Venus.    
 Today, life on Earth  is precariously out of balance ~ the Hopi word for this condition is, "koyanisquatzi".   An aspect of the imbalance is the loss of spiritual connection of many Earthlings who've "forgotten" their purpose for being on this planet.  In former eras, up until around 5,000 years ago, ancestral goddesses were known to our ancestors in thousands of various places/cultures.  Offering guidance to the people, each of these deities had her specific character/gift arising from her legend.  

The good news is that one of these ancestral goddesses is keeping her her promise to return, and this powerful BUffalo Goddess will be known as the "goddess of prophecy".  


The Hopi are known as "the people of prophecy".  
Hopi elders clarify  that a genuine prophecy is not merely a prediction.


If White BUffalo Calf Woman is the 'goddess of prophecy', 
what are her instructions?


  The North & South Poles at the tips of the vertical axis have always held the spinning planet in physical balance.  However, today at the north, Polar Bears are drowning and deprived of their normal feeding cycle due to Global Warming.  At the south pole, huge ice shelfs are breaking off into the ocean and sea levels rise to abolish islands off the coast of India.  Magnetic fields at the poles are diminishing in strength.  In the past, low magnetics set the stage for Mother Earth to stop spinning on the vertical axis, then rotate in the opposite direction.  

North & South Poles physically balance Earth
Sacred traditions in the East ~West cardinal directions are designed for Earth's spiritual alignment

 The cardinal east <> west directions are created as natural sacred  places where indigenous holy people always maintained very strong traditions to hold life in spiritual balance.  Both of these geological areas have impressive mountains with underground caves that are laced with precious minerals.

 Tibet is the 'sacred altar of the east', where the Buddhist teachings guided the people to live nonviolently in harmony.  The teachings are now disseminating to all people.  The focus is on cultivating inner peace through meditation and ethical behaviour to achieve our individual enlightened potential.  In this way, we are better able to help others and our world. 

 In the cardinal direction of the west, the Black Hills are at the heart centre of Turtle Island.    The Plains tribes of buffalo hunters living around the Black Hills knew the appropriate times for doing ceremony and offering prayers to their Great Spirit.  With the pipe of peace, their focus was harmony among all the different nations.   The land of Tibet is much larger than the Black Hills.  Tibet is larger than the Black Hills.  The 'sacred altar' of the west is a north~south corridor of sacred sites that's the spine of the Turtle.  At the place of the Turtle's head is Saskatchewan ~ place of  magic & powerful 'medicine'.  The Turtle's tail is situtated in the land of the Maya and Aztec and along the Turtle's spine are many sacred sites.  The land of the Hopi is one of these sites.  The Hopi Prophecy is 3,500 years old.  It says that the 4th World is ready to end & the 5th World begin ~ with an event described as the "Day of Purification". 




 Some of the old people say that the Buffalo and the Yaks were originally brought to Mother Earth from the Pleiades star cluster.  
Both the Great Plains and Tibet are key to Mother Earth's "sacred geology", however both are barren lands where climatic conditions are extreme. 
Without the Buffalo in the west and their cousins the Yaks in the east, no one in traditional times could possibly survive in these eco-systems.  
Since the sacred sites needed to be activated, the sturdy 4-leggeds were brought to these places to sustain human cultures.



Symbolism of White BUffalo Calf Woman's sacred pipe (chanupa wakan) reflects the west <>east teachings.  
The stem, made from the tree, represents the active principle--prayer..  
The bowl, made of stone, represents the receptive principle --meditation.  


The EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL resembles a Tibetan Buddhist mandala

Tibetans and Lakotas both represent the cardinal directions by the colours of  yellow, red, black and white, and these are the colours of the four original races of humans.


For many generations, the Hopi and Tibetans each held profound prophecies that spoke of the other.  In recent times, the prophecies were fulfilled.  The 'medicine' of PROPHECY is now activating the east <> west sacred altars of the Earth Medicine Wheel.  Someday, the traditional holy people will learn how they are an integral part of White Buffalo Calf Woman's farsighted prophecy and renewal of the Sacred Feminine on planet Earth.

Dalai Lama meeting Hopi elders

"The Red Hat People will come out of the East. They will be few in number but powerful in their influence.  They will be teachers who will bring wisdom & knowledge to the people of this land."
"A time will comewhen the Iron Bird flies & the Horses run on wheels, that the Tibetan people will be scattered to the four corners of the world.  The instruction which accompanies this event is as follows:  the leader must remove the Seed of the Dharma from its centerplace, & take it across the great waters, into the land of the Red Faced People."
ON Christmas morning, 1980, a group of Tibetan lamas were brought to meet Hopi elders.  The two groups went into the kiva & prayed for several days.  Soon thereafter, a representative of the Dalai Lama planted the seed of the dharma with the Hopis.

In Tibetan, the word for Moon is 'Dawa'.  In Hopi, 'Dawa' means Sun.
The Hopi word for Sun is 'Nyma'.  In Tibet, 'Nyma' translates to mean Moon.

HOPI symbol for 'Life in Balance' (rain)

Now, imagine Earth as a Crystal Skull . . . .  
In this metaphor, the west~east cardinal directions of the Earth Medicine Wheel correspond to the ears on the skull.        
Black Hills <<~)O(~>> Tibet
The mountains are like  ears protruding from the skull.  Both areas are characterized by underground caves that match the ear canals.     A special mechanism in the  inner ear allows humans to balance upright on two feet all the time, unlike any other creature.  In the process of restoring  the Black Hills & Tibet  as spiritual sanctuaries, Mother Earth will begin coming back into her  state of natural balance.

the Crystal Skulls are traditional sacred power objects of Tibetans & Mayas

 "Sacred Geology" helps us understand how similar the Earth Mother is a human being.  In this metaphor, where the ears correspond to Tibet and the Black Hills, the 3rd eye on the skull matches to the region of Spain and southern France on the map of the continents. 
Anatomically, the 3rd Eye Chakra matches the pineal gland.    The pineal is attached to the physical eyes with many optic nerves &  functions to assimilate sunlight into our body.   Metaphysicians called this master gland,'the seat of the soul'.   Sun really enhances our lives.  How interesting that this area on the anatomical map of the skull correlates with the part of our anatomy that connects with the light.  Actually, the metaphor of the 3rd eye, the inner spiritual eye begins to fit.  


The regions of Spain & southern France are reknown for the deep caves that were used by shamans around 20,000 years ago.  Altamira and Lascaux contain powerful images.  Our ancestors innately understood the Earth's majestic geological features such as the  caves.  Inside the caves of the Earth's '3rd Eye' region are paintings of  the bison & horses that nourished their physical and spiritual lives.   Imagine!  Their Earth was radically different that the Earth of today.
'Vision' is very important if Earth is to enjoy a beautiful future.  White BUffalo Calf Woman is returned to cultivate the 'medicine' of  great  fore~sight through her "S O S' film.


Very recently, two more caves were discovered in the area
of Mother Earth's metaphorical 3rd eye!
December 18, 1994 ~ the Chauvet Cave, in southern France,
houses paintings  that are 27,000 years old.

Chauvet Cave, southern France
discovered Decembre 18, 1994

click on image ^ to visit the cave

How interesting that the cave allowed itself to be found four months after the birth of “Miracle” the sacred white buffalo calf! And now, the Buffalo Goddess directs our attention to the cave paintings of our ancestors. . . . much to contemplate.

The Chauvet Cave is uncharacteristically large and the quality, quantity, and condition of the artwork found on its walls have been called spectacular. Most of the artwork dates to around 30,000 to 32,000 years ago. Additionally, there are a child's footprints, the charred remains of ancient hearths, and carbon smoke stains from torches that lit the caves. After the child's visit to the cave, evidence suggests that due to a landslide which covered its historical entrance, the cave had been untouched until it was discovered in 1994. The footprints may be the oldest human footprints that can be dated accurately.

The soft, clay-like floor of the cave retains the paw prints of cave bears along with large, rounded, depressions that are believed to be the "nests" where the bears slept.

June 12, 2000 ~ an extraordinary crystal geode, 
large enough for people to fit into.
It's located on the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain near Almeria.

There are half-meter prisms,on average, covering the entire cavity (floor, ceiling and walls), which is shaped like a rugby ball and a size far greater than that of the largest geodes that can be found in some regions of the Earth, such as Southern Brazil.

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magnificent crystal geode
discovered on Mediterranean coast of Spain June, 2000


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