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My wife, Mable, is a victim of Multiple Sclerosis. As a result, she has great difficulty in the mobility department and is legally blind as well. Thus, she is a continual recipient of various types of handicapped services. As you might expect, people and institutions who meet the needs of the handicapped offer varying degrees of service, i.e., poor, average, good and exceptional.

The other day, Mable was a recipient of some really exceptional service across a 5 day period. People will complain and raise sand for untold periods of time when receiving poor treatment but all we do to acknowledge superior treatment is smile, say thank you, and continue on our way. Deciding that this was not enough, Mable and I seek to honor these individuals and companies in such a manner that the entire handicapped community might know of their thoughtful and caring manner.

Mable and I are affiliated with these individuals in NO WAY other than to have been the recipient of their caring attention. It is not our intent to advertise for these entities in a commercial sense but to advertise their kindness and caring ways.

For those who are mentioned on this page, THANK YOU for your thoughtful and caring actions. We look forward to seeing you again one day. In the meantime, it is our pleasure to annouce to the world that you are deserving of these accolades and it is our sincere hope that others seeing this site will, in turn, grace you and your establishments with their presence. Once again, THANK YOU.


Cracker Barrel...old country store

Mable and I just finished enjoying 5 wonderful days ('99) in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Not only is there "historic" Williamsburg but you also can visit Jamestown and Yorktown as well. It really is a tremendous experience to be able to walk where our country's founders first settled.

During this time, we ate breakfast, daily, at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Williamsburg. We had a wheel chair in the car which was used most of the time. However, for meals, we tried to leave it in the car and Mable negotiated with her cane and my elbow. However, on 2 occasions, she had difficulties which were noted by the restaurant staff.

To my detriment, I failed to get the name of the waitress who assisted us on the first occasion. Those of you who are familiar with the Cracker Barrel setup will know that when you enter the establishment, you walk through a retail store to the entrance of the restaurant proper and then walk on to your table. The last day in Williamsburg, we needed assistance again. We had entered the store and found that there was going to be a 30 minute delay due to the tremendous volumn of business. I began to escort Mable to a chair when her legs suddenly gave out. One of the waitresses, Angelie, noted the problems and rushed to our aid. I told her that we were going to sit Mable down in the chair and that I would then go back and put our name on the list for a table. She said nonsense and assisted me in getting Mable to a table. She said there was no sense in helping Mable to a chair when she could be seated at a table. Thus, with her at one arm and me at the other, we assisted Mable to a table and to breakfast. Angelie, thank you for you thoughfulness and Cracker Barrel, thank you for your policies and fine personnel.

I have mentioned Angelie specifically because I knew her name. Please note that, although they haven't been mentioned by name, every person that we came into contact with in the Williamsburg store exhibited a very caring attitude. It was refreshing and made our meals a fun time. We look forward to visiting with you in Williamsburg again.


Williams, Arizona

Mable and I encountered Williams last summer ('98) during our 4 month odyssey. Putting my AAA membership to work, while still in Las Vegas, we booked a train tour from Williams to the Grand Canyon National Park with accomodations provided by the Fray Marcos Hotel. I asked the AAA representative if he could have a wheelchair waiting for us when we arrived. He advised that he had no information about where to obtain a wheel chair and, thus, we'd have to make arrangements for the chair after our arrival.

After check-in at the Fray Marcos, I asked about the rental of a wheelchair and was advised that there was no place to rent anything of that type. The nearest location that could be of help to us was located in Flagstaff, a one way trip of about 50 miles. Quite disappointed, I turned away to leave the desk when a young male employee told me to hold up just a moment and he'd call the Williams Health Clinic as he seemed to remember them having wheelchairs available. Upon placing the call and conferring with the clinic, he gave me directions to their location saying that I would be able to get a chair from them.

When I arrived at the clinic and identified myself, I was directed to a wheelchair that they had already brought out in preparation for my arrival. Asking for the cost, in preparing to rent the chair, I was told not to worry about it. "Just take the chair and have fun." I protested saying that I would be more than happy to rent the chair and heard, "just enjoy yourself and make sure that the chair gets back to us before you leave." As a career law enforcement officer, I know that this is most unusual.....nobody trusts anyone these days.....and was quite astounded.

After enjoying the Grand Canyon, I carried the chair back to the local health clinic. Again I tried to pay for the use of the chair. Again, I was told "No, we're just glad that we were able to help you." All I could do was say "Thank You" for your generosity.

Williams, Arizona, if all of your residents are anything at all like the personnel at the Fray Marcos Hotel and the Williams Health Clinic, you are truly a blessed community. Small town America, with all it's warmth and charm, certainly ranks ahead of all the rest of the country. Where else do you still find caring and trusting folks of this magnitude. Thank You and we hope to visit you again some day.


Thank You!!

Ms. Renita Ferguson is an employee of the State of Georgia's Health System. We first knowingly encountered Ms. Ferguson in early '98 when we were making plans for our historic summer odyssey. Due to her intimate knowledge of some of Mable's rather unique medical problems, she has been a part of our life since (2000).

Ms. Ferguson is an extremely knowledgeable and capable person. However, that is not what has really cemented our feelings toward this public servant. I use the phrase "public servant" for a reason..... the public demands much more of a public servant than most of us are willing to give at times. This lady is just as human as all the rest of us but has found a way to hide that humanism when it is detrimental to her work schedule. Sounds kind of strange, huh? Well, even on her bad days, she still meets her work schedule with warmth and compassion. During the 2+ years that we've dealt with this young lady, I have never heard a cross word or gotten a short response of any kind. That is truly remarkable. In addition, she always seems to be soooooo glad that you let HER solve your problems, which she does correctly and in a timely fashion. Mable and I count it an honor to be among those who are fortunate enough to have been associated with this woman.

While this little piece has been primarily about Ms. Feruguson, please let it be known that we have received services from other State Health employees as well. We would like to applaud the efforts of the department as a whole. Thank you for your humanity and professionalism.

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