Access to Avonex, Betaseron, & Copaxone

Who gives general patient support?
A: The Avonex Support Line 800-456-2255 8:30 AM - 8 PM, E.T., M-F
B: MS Pathways (BetaSeron) 800-788-1467 8 AM - 8 PM, E.T., M-F
C: Shared Solutions (Copaxone) 800-887-8100 8 AM - 11 PM, E.T., M-F

Who does reimbursement and insurance counseling?
A: Support Line for the Avonex Access Program
B: MS Pathways OR The Betaseron Foundation
C: Reimbursement Services Group of Shared Solutions

Who determines eligibility for free or reduced price drug?
A: Covance Health Economics for the Avonex Access Program
B: The Betaseron Foundation
C: The Patient Assistance Program at NORD for Teva Marion Partners
Note:   The 3 access programs accept referrals by reimbursement counselors. A search for existing or potential benefits is always made first.

Approximate income cutoff
A: $60,000/year
B: 3 1/2 x the federal poverty level (for a person in a family of 4, $58,450/year)
C: None set

Means test
A: 1-page form and tax return, reviewed by Covance Health Economics
B: 3-page form and tax return or other income verification, reviewed by Lash Group
C: 6-page form, tax return, 3 months of bank statements, reviewed by NORD

% of completed applications approved    Estimated number of participants
A: 99%    A: 5,700 since 1997
B: 91%    A: 8,900 since 1994
C: 99%    A: 2,450 since 1997

What do applicants who qualify receive?
A: Partly free to free Avonex
B: Free Betaseron
C: 25% to 100% of yearly Copaxone free

A: By mail from Nova Factor, a direct delivery pharmacy
B: At local retail pharmacist
C: By mail from Caremark, a direct delivery pharmacy

Participation/shipping fees?
A: $25 shipping fee for a 3-month supply
B: $0 to $25/month determined by The Foundation, based on income
C: $0 to $25/month determined by Caremark, based on shipping cost

Approximate number of people taking A, B, or C in 1999:   75,800
Approximate number receiving free or subsidized drug since access programs began:   17,050
Note: Data in these charts reflect reports by the respective parent pharmaceutical company and are their responsibility. No independent audit has been conducted.

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