Mable's Family
Mable's family at about the time MS struck.
Clockwise from lower left .. Tina, Mable, Steve and Steve, Jr.

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Mable has been afflicted with the disease known as Multiple Sclerosis since 1975. At 32 years of age and what we believed to be outstanding health, she began to experience vision problems. Optic Neuritis struck causing the loss of one (1) eye. Almost 11 months to the day, optic neuritis raised it's ugly head again and destroyed the vision in her other eye. The disease played havoc with and created massive damage to the optic nerves. With the loss of her vision, now billed (1976) as 20x800, her life changed dramatically.

The mother of two (2) young children aged 5 (Tina) and 2 (Steve, Jr.) and a very active person in her own right, she was suddenly bewildered by what was going on. Losing the sight in one eye had created a massive re-learning process but.....the loss of the second eye really turned her world upside down. She no longer had the ability to do the most common things, the most important of which was to drive. With the loss of vision, the State sent for her drivers license and she found herself to be dependant on those she loved.

24 years later, Mable is nearing the end of her 4th year on BetaSeron. We have reason to believe that it is working. She is still ambulatory though she needs a cane or walker to get around. If we are going to do anything which requires very much walking, she is pretty much wheelchair bound due to lack of stability and stamina. Additional bouts with Optic Neuritis have left her with vision so poor it's no longer quantifiable.

In typical fashion, Mable has refused to accept what happened to her in a meek manner. She has fought every inch of the way in order to remain her own person. She has managed to maintain her sense of pride, dignity and self worth. I am very proud of her.


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