Considered to be the premier uniformed law enforcement job in the state of Georgia, and highly sought after, the position of State Trooper is difficult to come by. Compared to most other states nationally, the department is small but highly professional. Those who wear the uniform do so with great pride and dignity.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 21 years of age
  • Completion of High School diploma or its equivalent
  • Available for assignment to work Statewide
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Successfully pass the competitive*TROOPER written exam (Administered by the Georgia State Merit System)
  • Successfully pass a very stringent physical fitness exam
  • Successfully undergo a thorough background investigation

Preferred Qualifications

  • 90 quarter hours (or the semester equivalent) from an accredited college or university,
  • OR... 5 yrs as a certified law enforcement officer
  • OR... Military Experience
  • OR... 2 yrs of experience as a Driver Examiner, Communications Equipment Officer or Cadet Trooper in the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Entry Level

  • Job Title                Trooper
  • Job Number           17706
  • Pay Grade              14
  • Beginning Salary   $30,557  p/year

Job Description

Under close supervision, patrols highways and roads to enforce traffic and criminal laws. Investigates traffic accidents. Provides assistance to motorists. Assists other law enforcement agencies in enforcing traffic and criminal laws, and ensuring safety of the general population. Participates in criminal prosecutions. Provides security for Governor, First Lady, Lt. Governor, Chief Justice, Speaker of the House and other dignitaries.

Entry Level

  • Job Title                Trooper Cadet
  • Job Number           17707
  • Pay Grade              11
  • Beginning Salary   $22,925  p/year

Job Description

Under immediate supervision, performs in a trainee capacity to acquire and develop the necessary knowledge and skills of law enforcement techniques, practices, and methodologies, etc. Under the guidance and direction of experienced and sworn members of the Department, receives classroom instruction, on-the-job and field training. Performs communications room and clerical duties. May attend the Georgia State Patrol's Trooper School to become a certified law enforcement officer.

Entry Level

  • Job Title                Communications Equip Officer 1
  • Job Number           81121
  • Pay Grade              09
  • Beginning Salary   $18,888  p/year

Minimum Job Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED plus one year of work experience in public service or public contact jobs such as telephone service or information providers (not telemarketing), 911 centers, emergency dispatch centers, police officer or security officer, or customer service experience in jobs which involve significant face-to-face contact with customers in the exchange of goods, services or information (e.g., retail business)
  • ...or completion of an Associate's Degree in any area and six months of experience in jobs like those listed above
  • ...or completion of a Bachelor's Degree in any area from an accredited four year College or University.
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Some typing skills
  • Willing to reside and serve anywhere in the state
  • Reputable character
  • Abililty to pass mental test as prescribed by the State Merit System
  • Successfully pass the competitive*RADIO OPERATOR written exam (Administered by the Georgia State Merit System)

Job Description

Under general supervision, coordinates radio and data communication traffic according to established federal, state, and local rules and regulations. Performs duties of sending, receiving, relaying, monitoring, logging, recording, reporting and interpreting emergency and non-emergency information to and from mobile units or computerized data bases; operates radio and other data transmitting equipment. Performs administrative duties necessary for the operation of the communications center.

The information listed above is all that I have available at this time. As I locate other information, which may be of interest, it will be posted to this site.
Last Update 11-16-2001.
Good Luck to all job applicants.


For additional information, call the Georgia State Patrol Personnel Office in Atlanta at the following number: 404-624-7550.
Additional information may also be available
from the Media Relations Office
(old Public Information Office):

In each section but Trooper Cadet, you will see a segment intitled Minimum Job Requirements. A written exam is referred to here along with the job title. The job title is capitalized, italicized and constitutes a link to an application for that job title.

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