A Little League Monday Night

Steve Cutchen


We've looked awful for two games.

Not Rangers baseball…

Heartbroken season.


And it's the White Sox tonight.

They're undefeated. Braggarts.

Confident with reason.


Are we equals? Can we be?

We're younger, smaller.

But defense, we're the best! Or we were…


Outfield speed. Solid gloves.

Leather flashes on the infield

Inhaling the grounder.


That's Gusball. Pitch for ground balls.

The White Sox? Power pitching.

It's our nine against one.


With their hurlers, who can blame them?

Fielders become fans.

And they've won.


Mighty KC leads off. Early rally.

Rangers Three! TJ pitching. "STRIKE!"

He's never looked better.


After two, three to one. Anticipation.

But go quietly? They won't.

Steady Rangers… In comes Decker.


Decker. Intimidation.

Rocket fastball.

Knee-buckling change.


We get one! Four to one!

Top of six.

Their last at-bat remains.


With two on, two outs and two strikes on the batter

A smash to the outfield,

two runs, four to three!


An error! Tie game!

advantage White Sox,

Rangers angry.


Frustrated, Infuriated. One strike away.

Can they recover? Play smart?

Will they crack when pressed?


Gathering wits, determination.

"Get to Decker! No excuses!

We want their best!"


TJ's cooked, but Clay's strong

With Gus ball grounders

White Sox done, first extra inning


Michael walks, A pick-off missed!

FAST! On to second!

Could this be our beginning?


The throw to second's wild! To third!

One out! They've got to go home!

Tag on a fly, like the wind on the ground!


David comes to the plate

Is the squeeze play on?

Tension! Will he get the bunt down?


White Sox? No close games.

Never been here.

They've never battled.


They are used to winning

Especially with Decker

And now they're rattled.


The pitch gets by!

Far enough to send Michael? He goes!

Catcher, Pitcher chase the ball.


It's close, Umpire lurking,

Four bodies converge, scramble, slide

From out of the dust, "SAFE" is the call!


That's it! The games over!

Undefeated no more

Decker, modern Casey, feels defeat's flame


And the Rangers, victorious.

Heros to family and friends!

Little League baseball, life's lessons, life's game