Cody Greene.

As a Pony League manager, I had the last pick in the draft. Cody Greene, was not a very good player, and was my last pick; the last to be chosen. I assumed that he'd get frustrated, or bored, and quit. Well, he didn't. He kept trying, and practicing, and he came back for four straight years. -- Ron


Cody Greene

Ron Salisbury
The Cannery Restaurant, Newport Beach CA
January 29, 2003


Cody Greene

Where did you go?

Did you catch any more fly balls?

Did you ever hit a home run?


You were

In many ways

What Baseball

Is about.


An unsmiling face

Hid your concerns.

Why were you here

I often wondered.


One season.

Then two.

Would you come back again?

I knew you would.


Each year

We progressed.

(You didn't know

that I did too?)


One catch at

A time.

One hit at

A time.


At first

Fly balls and hitting

Must have been

Terror for you.


But you never

Quit, gave up.

And because of you,

Neither did I.


Smiles started to come.

Along with

The fly balls.

And the hits.


Hit home runs.


Diving catches.


But yours

Became solitary gems.

Your carefully guarded desire

Helped lead the team.

(You didn't know that, did you?)




Will always be

In my Hall of Fame.


Linda Robertson, who works for Ron, contacted me about publishing Ron's poem on my web site.

We seem to honor the great athlete, regardless of their character.
Oklahoma University quarterback and U.S. Representative J.C. Watts described character as doing what is right when no one is looking.
How do YOU define a Hall of Famer?