Baseball in Heaven

by R.S.S. Andersen 1998 (abridged)


Hey mom do you know they have baseball in heaven

I pitched for the "Angels" on my first day

Moses was a bit annoyed, I got caught "stealing"

He said they don't do that here . . .


Hey mom do you know they have dogs in heaven

I got one today his name is Jake

He follows me everywhere I go

And likes to lick my face


So mom I guess what I am trying to say

Is that things really aren't so bad

I miss you and the family a lot at times

I miss the guy stuff I did with dad. . .


I do have some good news though . . .


At night when you fall asleep,

God said I can talk to you in your dreams

So those times I show up and we laugh and play

They are as real as they actually seem


Promise you'll talk back to me okay ( I can hear you when you pray) . . .


Hey mom do you know they have baseball in heaven

Oh that's right I said that before

I hit a homer just a while ago

Abraham and Gabriel came in for a score . . .



A camera man came close to get my picture

Just like they do for the pro's on TV

I had the biggest smile you've ever seen

I put my face close to the lens

It was huge and filled the screen


Do you know what I said?


Of course you do . . .


I looked in it and said . . .


" Hi mom"