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Cycle of Violence

Recognizing the Cycle of Violence


PHASE ONE:  Tension Building
  • Sensitive, nitpicker, yelling
  • Withholds affection
  • Putdowns, threatens, destroys property
  • Accusation of unfaithfulness
  • Isolating behavior

PHASE TWO:  Serious Battering Incident

  • Verbally abusive and humiliates
  • Slaps, punches, kicks, chokes, grabs
  • Forces Sex
  • Restrains, spits, throws objects
  • Prevents her from calling the police or leaving
  • Stalks; may use a weapon
  • Harasses and abuses children

PHASE THREE:  Honeymoon State

  • Apologetic, cries
  • Promises it won't happen again
  • Declares love and may buy gifts
  • Blames drugs and alcohol
  • Promises to get help

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