Quasar, Attorney (AdvoCat) at law
Quasar, my law partner, has been supervising the creation of this web page. Quasar insists that she be the primary focus of this project. 
Her grumpy expression is because the picture was taken after she lost a motion in court.
It's Quasar, I'M OUTTA HERE
Here's Quasar leaving the office from her own personal door

She is one dedicated advocate.


Quasar practices law in the areas of employment law including discrimination, sexual harassment and workers' compensation. Along with my help, Quasar also handles personal injury cases, family law, business law, bankruptcy and intellectual property as it relates to computer software technology.

Quasar has recently been appointed to the position of "Minister of Legal Affairs" of the Siamese Internet Cat Club(SICC). Her new duties for the SICC have demanded a great deal of her time from the office but their cause is very worthwhile.

Recently, Quasar was an expert witness in a highly publicized and controversial criminal case in Los Angeles. She was going to offer testimony on behalf of the defendant that particular autorads displaying DNA results were tampered with and therefore should not be relied upon in identifying the defendant's blood type.

Below is a photo taken after the court asked her to be sworn in. Notice that she raised her left paw!


Quasar was arrested immediately and taken into custody

Quasar passed her time in jail playing games with other inmates.

Prison did not rehabilitate Quasar at all.  Once released, she was given a chance at the Heavy Weight title held by "Earlanded  InThe Cornfield."  She was disqualified for biting her opponents ear off.  She said in an interview after the fight, "hey, I have to protect myself out there, I have a family to support.  And anyway, that's how I fight.  He's lucky I didn't scratch him." 

Quasar's purse is being withheld pending a hearing regarding the loss of hearing.


More Pictures of Quasar

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